Blvd Mosse - U Can't Escape the Hypeness [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Blvd Mosse
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Tony D (a.k.a. Harvee Wallbangar)

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Tekst piosenki

Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor to have a real swinging cat with us tonight…

[Verse 1]
I just flow and flow and flow, and if you come to my show
The Mosse takes up at least seven rows
The stadium's packed up, more paper is racked up
Suckers who play me too tight should just back up
Give me some elbow room to consume
As I lower the boom and kick another tune
But how much hypeness can one man take, that's the question
You're still guessin', mind boggling ain't it?
No way to explain it
But believe me when I tell you that this picture's well painted
Something brand new that you thought we couldn't do
Thought the Mosse was through, but the jokes on you
Yo, heads up, look, we're on a rise
Like Bebe's kids we don't die we multiply
Catchin you out there, making the crowd cheer
Kick a rhyme I took you outta here like last year
Feel Mosse mania, taste the flavor
The reason the crowd's all standings cause I made a
Sudden impact on back to back tracks
One hell of a comeback, that some ain't expected
Comin' at a rapid rate, with too much weight
You try to brake but -- oops! -- too late
You can't escape the hypeness


[Verse 2]
Suckers get scared of this, so they stare at this
So waiting for mistakes and flaws but it's errorless
Petty [young Gs?] like to talk behind my back but they see my stats then they ask
"How do you do that?"
Very simple, change my tempo
So drop [a tear and there?] and let me flow
Switch my pitch, change my style a bit
Tone'll give me somethin swift and let me rip
Some might want to try me to see what I can do
Bring the blunts and the brew, I'll take out your whole crew
You want some work
We can do this, to find me ain't hard - why?
Cause I'm always on the Boulevard
Here's a brief description in case you're misled
Gold teeth, pants saggin', and my hair's in dreads
A hip hop fanatic, no doubt about it the baddest
Outstanding Asiatic
Science so wisely wrote that you can't cope
When it comes to being dope, I ain't no joke
They underrate us, the critics hate us
They try to dis but when they hiss they admit to [?]
The stations played us and they still downgrade us
But to hell what they say, they ain't the ones who pay us
They need to button their lip, cause here's a tip -
With the old rockers shit you better get a grip
You can't escape the hypeness


[Verse 3]
My style to be a little bit different's the purpose
To master it I took a while if I hurt ya
Now the time, the place and the pace makes it perfect
And the beat's so smooth, it's only right that I hurt this
Silly fans compare my jams to the next man's
It's a Boulevard thing, so they can't seem to understand
Why I go flip for a grip for the ill tip
Cause the mental's too strong, I don't have time for the nonsense
So later for that, just adapt to this format
And those who think that I lack just get pimp slapped
The Boulevard Mosse unclingin' all static
Getting fatter and fatter, multiplying like rabbits
It's called originality, if it ain't, me it ain't gonna be
So do me a favor and please stop telling me
Who I should sound like, I'm being myself
Stop trying to throw me in the boat with everyone else
Cause I focus my mind on one thing, that's getting paid
Cause there's people to meet, and there's money to be made
So song after song yo [I've?] got it going on
You can throw the monkey wrench or you might as well just sing along
Or dance to the program, or groove with the smoothness
Get down as the bass slams, and flow with the music
And don't try to fight this because you know that you like this
No matter how hard you try, no you can't escape the hypeness



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