Buc Fifty - Planet Alignment [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Buc Fifty
Data wydania: 2001-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Rob the Viking

Tekst piosenki

[Verse One: Buc Fifty]
I'm too hot to handle though, too bold to fold
I could raise Hell then freeze it, nigga I'm that cold
Billion below zero, I fear no queer flow
Turn the fluid in a devil's bones to cherry ice cones
Give him hypothermia from my isotones
Look out below, out the sky, hitting your dome
Frozen H2O, hundred pound icicles
I'll throw an '84 quarter in the sky, locked and load
Bust one shot and like magic the quarter's gone
But look behind ya back though, stacked up on the floor
Five brand new, 2000 nickles
Bust a cat with a shot, make burger's fry, shaking pickles
Like a knife twisted in ya gut this shit tickle
When I die, go to Heaven with Red Fox and sip ripple

[Verse Two: Freestyle]
Behold the cold blade of Excalibur
Never to pity fools
Rule with an iron hand, so it's simple to break the rule
Out of sight of our kingdom, your problems are minuscule
Musketeers rush ya fears, ya subject to ridicule
Man With An Iron Mask, get cast deep in the dungeon
With torches to your orchard, ya band is stoned, bludgeoned
As I seize with ease, consider me ya legacy of chivalry
Ubiquity, legendary's epitome
The planet's are aligned to my Gibralter's design
Round table is where we dine
Five divine concubines in shining armor
Defining karma with swords attached to brandish mic hoards
And all you have to do is press record
Moat surrounds the castle but yet we still catapult
Giving you bad results for your villages and cults
Monster like the Loch Ness
Mid evil cerebral as my accomplish
Is Swollen Members

[Verse Three: Mad Child]
Feel the flame, here comes the king of pain
That goes against the grain
Get lost in my domain
Serpent lies coiled at the entrance
Fantastic four
Explore the depth of the defensive
Planet alignment, poisonest placement
Try not to think of all the years I've wasted
Taste a touch of terror, soaked in seclusion
Instinct is anger, laced with confusion
You'll come to the conclusion
Mad Child's to blame
For always acting up, how you think I got my name?
Causing a disturbance
Conflicts are constant
I'm drunk in the middle of the club like, "Who want's it?"
Heinekens in both hands, obnoxious laughter
I regret nothing, except the morning after
Broken knuckles, stitches on my dome
These day, unless I'm on tour, I'm staying home

[Verse Four: Prevail]
Thee unfortunate
Rhyming all disproportionate
My life and times is a biography for coroners
That same trap of steel that wraps around your heel
And drags you under the soil for worm meal
Has a replica
I can spin it back from the shack
Where they spit twisted algebra and mix it with pig fat
And mentioning the contention of inventions that I've built
For the stretching of a frame of a rapper filled with filth
That's the job of a hog in this daily jog
You pack the load or you end up on the burning road
Forget a confrontation if you dream of turning old
Witness the wingspan, welcome to the king's land
Growling with the wolf pack, howling as we kill lambs
You gotta eat, yo that's the crisis of the freak
We either leave you out for crow's beak or slow leaking gasses
And bring you six days closer to Sabbath
Whatever magic you possessed is now laid to rest
Stay distressed
It helps me know that I impress
What spins through flesh, teeth through muscle
We eat through the metal and beat down the humble

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