Buckshot - Better Than You [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Buckshot
Album: NBA 2K11 Soundtrack
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1 Buckshot]
I'm a hit you a strike
I'm a spit you the mic
I'm the real, UGH, you a sike
I'm the only one who get it done and do it right
See each and every night I got a plot for another plan, Buckshot
Nobody can rock like this brother man
Other than you being my friend? YOU A FOE!
I'mma be the wind in the end I'mma blow
I ain't never been a square cuz' I think outside the box
Fifteen years my partner is Dru-Ha
Listen I'm on a mission this is my Tom to Cruise
This is not a movie this is real life moves
I don't wear sneakers to sneak I wear shoes
I mean shows I wear them out when I walk on tour
I never got booed because I don't believe in ghosts
I believe in being successful achieving the most you know?

I'm better than you
No matter what you do man I'm better than you
You good at what you do but I'm better than you
No matter where you come through I prove I'm better than you
Listen the bottom line I'm better (I'm better) I'm better (I'm better) I'm better
I don't care if it's a solo or if it's a crew
Listen to what I'm saying I'm better than you


You know I'mma win, cuz I'm the one
And I don't slip, cuz I don't run
I'm off the hip, until it's sprung
I foresee the win, told you that I'm the one
And whether you spellin' it with the O-M-W at the top
I leveled it from the go, I'm with double-do on the knot
If I'm coming through on the hop, you adjust to the back
Winner's circle all alone, I'm accustomed to that
Uno Breed and you know me and what this ink do
September 29th is your date due
Homie, regardless what city I'm in, I'mma sell those shirts
And I do this through the pressure like my elbow hurts
King me, provide you, if your memories beside you
Then they pigeon to skyzoo, for kickin' that monsoon
My home team is the logo the greatest created
Great ace while I'm shakin' the pavement jumpman you get it?


They stuntin' so I pose like I sold out my shows
You call in, I'm called to do what I do I'mma do it til I'm old, I'm better
More clever with the letters and you know that
I'm better than whoever's embedded up on your throwback
I'm better I promise
Check out how I prove it
Goin' off on tracks and makin' better sounding music
So when I create rhymes, rewind and take time
I'm Bryant when I ride the baseline
"Is Promise THAT live?"
He's probably that guy to rhyme and revive the Fab Five, I can't lie
I'm part Canadian so I'm cold
But I'm part Caribbean so I'm told
When I go in on tracks I Bolt
Cuz' I'm from the home of the Raps' and Skydome I know


[Sean Price]
You can say what you want but I'm better than y'all
Line em' up watch how fast my competitors fall
Sean Price, upper echelon rap
You kiddin' me, get rid of me? That's never gon' happen
Excellence my performance is outstandin'
Your negligence leave you out in the cold stranded
Bars and hooks, baby the boy fly
When I kick raps lyrically, I am Muay Thai
OMG, LOL smiley face
???? You can't see P
MJ in his prime, I am king
All star rappin' for real when your Hip-Hop sing
Yeah, I guess I'm the best at it
Let you score on purpose so the lost'll be less tragic
How I do when I don't have a clue but I do know this part
I am better than you


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