Buddha Monk - Picture That [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Buddha Monk
Album: Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 1: Throwbacks
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Vex]
Yeah, I got you...

Aiyo, I know you hear Vex squeeze your index, in sex
With techs, I define the, law of phy-sics
D.A.T.A., have you running a relay
On some he-say, she-say, my man, check the replay
Got you guessing, checks I'm blessing, manifesting
Playing double dutch with ya, large intestines
Bend ya throat, red your coat, leg get broke
Got ya to scream for the, stethoscope
Jump in the water, I'm raping ya daughter, making a slaughter
Caught a reporter, on channel nine, holding a nine
Right to his spine, blowing a dime straight to the mind
What yours is mine, ands what, mines is mine
You can't outline they crimes, for shines from rhymes
Fuck a nine, I use my mind, one at a time
From behind, I make you blind, laying in lines
A picture, is worth a thousand words, I must of fucked a thousand birds
Vowels and consonents, nouns and verbs
Three dimensions, knocking my loss like senses
I mastered off my senses, to beat you senseless
I board the fences, I need ta, find an escape
Jumped the fire escape, he hard top, faced from the tape
Nothing was said, when cops find you under the bed
Head full of lead, got shit lock, so pardon the dred
Got the cops feeling like royalty, the carpet was red

I smoke til I'm higher than managers, rhyme with no manners
You still'll get ate if I got the disadvantages
Should of brung bandages, from backing on bullets
You'll die from something cancerous, and I ain't an obstacle course
So don't pull stunts, or I'll be forced to kill you backwards
And shove you back in your mother's cunt
Heavy handed flow, and I never blow, Ty-Son
Pen in the right palm, but more of a lefty, the mic's on
Left you with no feet and no arms
Want more proof, I switch to southpaw, you losing a tooth
Practice your penmenship, loosen up, you too tense
Go change a dollar, come back, your flow might make sense

Prepare for this, how you master Optimiss?
Triple team terror, enter at your own risk
See great intelligence, don't stand for no incompetence
Experimental chemicals can cause incidents
I'm at the window, scoping my hand, waiting for the signal
I'm track nervous, sweat, running down my cheekbone
Clear shot, land right on the temple, don't wanna be seen
I gotta keep shit simple, on my spare time
I clean guns and right rhymes
Mix on the envy, you get ripped in tech nines

[Babyface Fensta]
Nigga, yo, he just came, smack the picture
Kodak moment, yeah, we missed ya
They said you got the time you did, cuz you dropped dime
Feds don't play, counterfeit thugs get drugs
Gagged, toe tagged, body bagged
Yo, he was out to make a score, he wants more
Then witness protection, new name, face location
He don't want the label of a snitch
He from the hood, how that sound, it wouldn't look good
He gotta represent, strike a pose, up north style
Look, smile, he was wild, when he was locked up
Frame a portrait, his phone is tapped
Rumor has it, he was the leak, yo he bugged

[Buddha Monk]
Slap the camera down, there's too much interrogated thoughts now
Face the death, eighteen rugs be staring in your depths
We spit masterpieces while you deal with telekenisis
Intelligent minds, on intelligent thoughts, only guarantee this
Bust a shot if you try to peep this
How dare you think you can move, when the gut'll just filling out his weakness
Clap twice at ya, if I miss, I sent the kite to get ya
And I'm snapping a picture, how beautiful they just did ya
Now you wish I never met ya, and ya mans talking with respect
Cuz he remember last week when I just did ya
Ain't nobody seen shit, right? Right? Picture that...
Picture it...

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