CAD - Squarez [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: CAD
Album: The Collective
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: BIAS Truth

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Tekst piosenki

Dances and the charming stars
But wait a minute, something's wrong

[Verse 1: Pressure]
Caught slipping, got your bitch to leave with me
I was swagging, look I wasn't really kidding
When I said I was the man, now I'mma live up to it
Only way you getting passed is if you stuck in it
Lucky enough I rep my set so don't step to me
Best of luck to all you rappers tryna flex with me
Spit something awkward to embarrass you
I flow like a hooker liquid, was born with skills to spit with
It's in my DNA, my pops is Van Winkle
Truth be told all this rapping shit is simple
Flip some fibs with acronyms 'bout busting clips up out that pistol
All my boys mob deep, no cell - no sickle
Cold blooded, still in line for my number
But buddy I keep on budding every time I drop another
These are stories of am underdog, the tale of a legend
At the tables, fucked around and rolled some sevens (Hey!)
Get the fuck up out my face now
Snap of a finger have your bitch put her face down
Used to be shit, now I'm the shit
Ain't that some shit, I did everything that you didn't (Bitch!)

[Verse 2: Zen]
Used to think I was a square, I'm something like a rectangle
Hear that bro, I ain't a square but an elongated spectacle
Hate to boast but let it go, you kind of clingy, won't let it though
I'm with the crew, a tight knit circle, fuck the hate, let it roll
Let it roll, get it rolling, I'm in the zone and you're just zoning
Zoning out, your mind's imploding, you simmer down while I'm exploding
Exploding now, and now I'm going to the top and you just roaming
With foreign bars, my signal's strong, you got a problem, better phone in
Phony phony, your end is near, put a stop to this like Joseph kony
Put a stop to this, end this ominous rap apocalypse wack ass fucking showing
Since you going to be a square and stay inside that fucking box
I'll just head on to the top, my team has got that spot on lock
Hold it down, music's my home, I'd spray a Glock for my fucking block
BIAS is the rock of the fucking flock, Pressure hits you hard with a super knock
And me, I'm zen - forget me not, ambition I don't lack it
I'm working hard everyday to bring a fucking classic
I got a story I want to share, every word I'll fucking rap it
Phase you out just for fun and see how long you last it
Put you on the outside and watch my team win
Cut you in half and use you as our fucking square brackets

[Verse 3: BIAS Truth]
This a body bag flow for you hoes
Malcolm X and Martin Luther has risen in the cold
Know I had a dream accomplished by any means
Shooting back at the plots and schemes that got me leaned (Uh!)
I spit it from the soul
Knowing that it's for real heavy D would only know
I really dont think ya'll understand the plight
I'm tryna be the best, I can only mirror mike
Grinding (haha) - I never stops
Rolling (naw) - I never knocked
The green keep me happy, love it when i spend it
Prioritize wrong, now I'm back at the beginning - Broke
Tryna make a dollar in the game
Never sell my soul, your pennies dont mean a thang, squares
If I die, Lamar said it the best
F a funeral, make sure you pay our music respect
Kings organized, round table squares don't fit in
Bias point of view, cause pressure once we in our zen
The end's close most fear the end the most
Take a toke, aim high - this be that audio dope

Dances and the charming stars
But wait a minute, something's wrong

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