Cerberus - Looped Dreams [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cerberus
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1

Back against the wall with my ball
I wrecked chances
Tell the neighbors i cocked an eye for em cuz i'm diggin' all the glances
Looped dreams are now my routine
I see struggle through happiness like my country was bombed for the wrong reason
Bribes are the new foxes
I also saw them on T.V. caring boxes
Yeah,you know what i'm talking 'bout
I don't need news cuz what is new has become a boycott
Boy tell yo mom to switch that shit down cuz its boiling hot
You thought that lying with confidence is gonna grant you a mount rather than an amount
What the hell it's happening?
Our fucked up mindsets are like being the passed pawn in a game of chess against honor
Faith and hate are now weapons of mass destruction,hope is about to detonate
I'm trying to keep an eye on the future
And the rest of 'em in the prison,so people could see the bigger picture
Looking at me with a star reputation
Fuck your bradattitude and your aura for a single occupation
Where is Jesus when you need him
I only see him on the walls,am i his ocular passion
Lemme stitch my life in a broomstick
My past is cleared by the broom
Maybe one day it will click
Maybe living your dream inside a dream will become reality
I'm living a shadow of my own adolescence
No one asked me if i got an idol cuz i might get menaced
Trick or treat,Geek and isolated
I don't know what keeps me alive and motivated
This is thought-provoking,my lyrics are like a vendetta
You didn't know betta
Stick to the cheese before it turns cheddar
I would like to carry on a little bit more
Carrying too much commonsense is not a common myth anymore
My carriage is here , is gonna take me home

Hook: I should resurrect my dreamy vision
I'm too realist,that led me to depression
Reality is now in my dreams,that's my own creation
Yeah i don't want to sleep to see this looped dreams

Verse 2

Back at my momma's allure and my dad's liquor,tryina figure
How i got back in the real world where i'm not allowed to see the truth
I have no proof,navigatin' and cussin' for an answer upon the roof
I'm looking for the tree of life
Or at least become one of them so no one will ever know that i'm pessimistic
But they might use my leaves cuz shit they're materialistic
It seems that i like my new reincarnation
My reign is gonna end right here,i'm gonna fade away this nation
I'm gonna fade away all of my problems and free throws
Cuz that shit is still free though
Panicked with a dosage of sweet anxiety, like i'm addicted
Feeling that this nightmare is never gonna stop
I knew it will never change ,but then i looked in the mirror
And damn it wasn't clearer,i seen it all
A portal to my miserable life ,i think that's my call
While i knew i had no satisfaction,but to strike
Zero dark thirty,it's not worthy
I should return to my goddess who gave me birth
White sheep,but i let them see the GOAT in me
People see these dreams incredibly perpetual
Like the petals protect the flowers aphrodisiac celestial
Calling for my nightmares ,that's a nil for a beautiful intellectual
This flow is poetical,peeping on women like a daniel craig so skeptical
Skeet skeet to all them haters,hating so hard that they have my shit on repeat
But then i woke up next to my dusty notebook

Yeah,cuz it was all a dream

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