Cerberus - Bad Boy,Sweet Girl [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Cerberus
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Prime Beats

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1

I wonder why you need some bitches
When u turned them wishes into a box of stitches
You fucked her mentally and physically
You took her into a whole new transcendence
Johnny Depp wasn't deep enough to find that evidence
Damn, i know she does her thing with eloquence
Motherfuckers think it's romantic with some Joe Cocker
Until you slap her with your hat on and put your cock inside her
Be my slave became his favorite box of chocolate
Be one with my body and soul is the best bible for you,mate
She moaned harder and harder
She is in the zone what do u want now,motherfucker
Yeah shit we living in the 21st century
Where bitches are drowned in swimming pools of liquor
Yeah they are like a bite of a snake
You need to lick their shallow body to cure the tumor
You heard the rumor
Size don't matter,they only like cheese that's the humor
Respect is the first word you have to learn when u open the book of god
I can't spell your name without your grin splattered with jealousy
Yeah i know i'm psychadelic ,but i can treat you like a lady

Hook: No woman deserves the riches
Richer or poorer that's how you make them bitches
Shit this is the route of evil
Medieval era was a made of evil error
So let's not go back there

Verse 2
Destinies crushed like it was designed to end with a final destination
Dumb women,numbed ladies like the sleeping beauty taking care of her bumped babies
Bitches ain't shit if they don't get more and get hit like a dog with rabies
Ravage,it's hard to earn a spot in their hearts
Is like dealing with animals to hop on your boat on both parts
10 years later your rich boy is gonna call me daddy
Close your eyes and let world describe the bigger picture
One good bitch is the slave of the fucking creature
You tried to apologize a trillion times ,but you can only count to a billion
Your mind is convicted for a reason
Mind if i tell you that the devil leaned on
You were encouraged to follow your dreams
You failed to succeed,now you are facing the dirty work with different creams
Don't tryna use school as your excuse
It ain't like crap or a bomb to defuse
You will always be a target
Matrix in your head,how far will you get
Your life became a porn movie with a good script
I can't see you on TV cuz i'm not allowed
I'm tryna write your wrongs to solve this mystery
Of the strange fruit that may become history
The trees are having an intelligent spoken word

Verse 3

Every branch falling is like your addiction chose the road of the riches
You're in the same category,you can't play the life game with the hoes
So hollow ,no role model welcome to slavery bitch
You got what you deserve , a never ending adventure full of cheat codes
There is no us in "slut",but there is an s from stupidity
Road to hell is paved with good intentions
This is self-explanatory
Thinking out of the box is mandatory
Looking at Eve with your third eye that's another story
You spitted blood on the leaves
While nature leaves meaningless people like you in the dark
You got beat up by fate now you can relate to me you just left your lost ones as a mark
Work your way down with kicks and hi-hats like i'm an instrumental
It's funny how i started to write the song
I didn't realize how bitches are skeptical
In believing that everything will go wrong
They don't belong in this paranormal world,lyrically strong
Prostitution became the hero and living your life became the villain
So this is my squeamishness crushed into pieces
As my story is gonna fuck you up like leeches
Lady luck won't let me fuck not even in the church
I taught you a lesson now get back in your fucking porch

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