ChackY YEN ( Chandrasen Yadav ) - Just Don't Know [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: ChackY YEN ( Chandrasen Yadav )
Data wydania: 2015-04-24
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

I Don't Know Man,Its Just My Feelings Coming Outta My Head !!
I Don't Know What I'm Saying
I Just Don't Know What I'm Saying
My Mind Is Like A Dustbin
I Just Don't Know

I just dont know what to say right now
But i don't know how
How I put myself in this way right now
I just don't know how
I put myself in this position i am right now
I'm just killing off this shit
That i just made it , and fake it
Take it into the position that's not worth it
I'm just letting myself lose in that thing, i never wanna be in
I begin to living in the way i never lived in
I just did my whole life, the thing i believe in
I didn't care about anyone's opinion
But Today my mind is tricking me, in this freaking thing
I just don't know what i'm doing
Maybe i'm just moving, in the path that i never chosen
That path that's already taken
I need to be waken
For not taking this thing as my intention
I need no attention , from anyone there in the mansion
I don't wanna mention, the person
In a certain way that i'm too far away from them
I'm just miles away from them
I can't even talk
I can't even walk
I can't even knock
I can't even stalk
I just don't know what the fuck i'm doing here right now
It just kills me everyday
When i think of myself in a way
That i'm a just a douchbag in this world
There's No one there to tell me that i'm not
I just hate myself for that
Is this called being a psychopath
Then Yea I'm Psychopath And i'm a killer
Of Myself The inner Me, that's too soft to be spiller
Of the words, that to make someone to feel her
And too shy even to meet her
I'm just cursing this words cuz i'm in a adverse
For being a dick, maybe i was the first
Maybe i'm just trying to be the worse
I need to step out
From the damn doubt
That i created anyway
I need to get a way
To get away
I just don't know what to say but
I'm just pulling my grave up
In the sky to get lifted high
So That i can cross the line of humanity
And diversity of this damn society
Oh Almighty !!
Am i doing Something wrong??
If u exist
Come tell me bout it
I'll think about it
I'll move on if u don't want it
I know u made us equal
But This world is torn apart
I'm waiting for the sequel
Maybe i'll be not there playing my part
But at least that will be a new start
Where there will be no races
Nobody Proud for the faces
Nobody Proud of the color
White will be the only color
I'm talking talking bout the peace
Don't mistake it with the color
Nobody will fight for the right
Nobody will even talk bout the right
Nobody will even find a reason to make these religions
Which is eating these human to believe in the shits they are believing
That's why i'm leaving this feeling of religion
And believing in atheism
I know nobody will give a shit about my opinion
But i have my rights to express my feeling
That's why i'm spitting while i'm hardly breathing
For some of them i'm just screaming
But the words i said i mean it
And if u don't get it
Then fuck ur brains up,its not worth it
In your body, its a trash
And If u Don't think, Its just a waste
Listen up and take a rest
And After That, if ur still the same
Being a human, its a shame
U call urself fuckin social animal
Then Think Who the fuck to blame
I'm Just a Little ashamed to be the part of the game
Its not just a life,its a compromise
Ur the one ruining it
Ur the one destroying it
Making Boundaries
Ur the one Dividing it
I know everybody knows that right
I'm just reminding it

-ChackY YEN

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