ChackY YEN ( Chandrasen Yadav ) - Peace Out !!! [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: ChackY YEN ( Chandrasen Yadav )
Data wydania: 2014-06-28
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Man, Lemme Rap this time bout Racism
What a shame we can't be unite in the same nation
When it's gonna end its a big question
Think bout just one time who dies with this frustration
Who's Black Who's white Lets put that all aside
And Lets Do something together to make this country feel proud
Time for a change of this fuckin TREND
After all this slogans and protest
Guess its time to end
This mentality to stare us everywhere
Like in this crowd of humans we're beast
I just want u to aware \
There is a region in this country and that is called North east
I know our culture,tradition and dressing is somehow different than
But that dosen't mean we're not indian Man
If You don't know anything about us
Then go check out your fucking Geography syllabus
Back in the the Grade 10
You were so mad then
You don't even bother to read about the 7 sisters
Then Listen To this fuckin song what it whispers
Sometimes i feel ashamed to live in a country like this
Where most of the people don't know where arunachal is
Some say its in West,Some in South
Bt lemme tell ya u fools for clearing ur doubt
Its is situated in the north east in india
Its the border of china and bhutan
Guess it dosen't mind ya


Everytime I turn around to see my place /
While leaving my hometown/
I promise my mom/
That i"ll come back from the crowd/
And if i die tryna live , forgive me mom/
I couldn't live with your expectation/

You Should hav to feel ashamed
Cuz U don't know anything about us
And here's the middle finger up anyone who doubt us
Yea we adopt the western culture before u
Not in just Lifestyle bt in our thoughts and mind too
You Must be thinking we live in those mountain trees and pine
Bt we grew up listening to EMinem,Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes
That Dosen't Mean I Don't love my country
I Love it , More than u I Guess
And If U Don't beleive Then Come to Northeast on 15 august
Your Love For this country will burst
I Just want u to knw we're True indians
We don't care that we're Not in Millions
So better change your view against us
Forget all the factors which differentiate us
Whether its all about Hair style, Dressing or skin colors
Let this song be the anthem for the racism in this nation
Man i don't need criticism for this song as a musician
What i need is just peace and serenity in my nation
These words are the frustration
Of all the people Of Northeast i can't mention
Rest in peace Of all my brothers and sisters
Who are the victim of this mess
In this country

So Lets Shout!!!
Peace out !!
So that we can live loud !!!!

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