Chill Bump - One Way Ticket [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chill Bump
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Do you want to get old?
Under corporate control?
Play a fraudulent role?
Let them torture your soul?
Only talk when you're told?
Bow to Dorks who blame YOU
When their coffee gets cold?
Time to alter your goal...

Tell them you quit, of course that shit's bold, but you've only got one life...
I'm the fork in your road, so follow me, follow me please...
Start by tossing your phone and don't worry bout cheese...
Or the cost of yourloan. Off we off off we go...
Bye bye your 9 to 5
You can change your name to Bonnie and I can change mine to Clyde
We won't get any richer, but imagine the bigger picture
There's a bit of bread I've been saving, and I've been craving to share it with ya

Why should i go learn and study?
Find a firm and dully
Die in a tie and shirt for money
Like a worthless dummy?
Buy some turf in a hurry?
Buy a girl to love me?
Anxiety hurts my tummy
I prefer a sunny beach because
Life ain't worth the worry, so I say

"Fuck it!", clock stay ticking
Let's not wait one straight minute
Let's get on that runway, quick!
Let's hop on a plane with a one way ticket
Monday, kick it, get lifted...
Let's get a room in Venice
Tuesday head where the view's terrific
Relax, listen to the crickets
Wednesday... Sweet... let's get a treat
Have sex til dawn in an excellent suite
Find a restaurant with the best thing to eat
We can rest if you want for the rest of the week
Head to the beach, take a nude swim
Bring a crate of brews, make some new friends
Play ukulele for they amusement
And (sing...) ‘til we break a few strings...(sing) /

Let's meet different cultures
Different folks with distant approaches
Chill in their homes, sleep on their sofas
Or in motels infested with roaches
Slick hotels - mingle with showbuiz
Wear silk robes, slippers and loafers
Sniff up coke as we live for the moment
With rich mini bar fridges and chauffeurs
We're rock and rollers, cocky soldiers
They cannot controle us, or stop the motive
We brush the globe's stress off our sholders
Go straight, don't care what the road is:
South America, round across Asia
Head down, visit the south of Australia
Chill in every village and town they call dangerous
Go where we'll never be found - they lost trail of us
Get a buzz, sitting on the world's roof
Swigging whisky til we feel quite loose
Scream down from steep mountain peeks like Zeus, like
"PEACE" people, peep my deuce!
Let's get a bit of medicine and buy berrettas
For when we end up eating my supply of cheddar
Better yell farewall to a life of pleasure
Then we can pull our weapons out and we can die together: Tchicka POW!

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