Chilla Jones - Control Boston [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Chilla Jones
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Prelude: International Show]
Now I don't smoke but I'll crack a dutch
To the Famous Nobodies
Think they somebody and wanna' Rebel
City Slickers, Last Days, Smoke, Lee Boy
Millyz, Avenue, Lou Armstrong
Alage, Antagonist, Mark Merren
Mecca, Retro, Termanology, Moufy don't ever doubt me
I swear your careers are looking cloudy
Don't ever doubt me
There can only be one on the throne
That's me
Under my lord and savior Jesus
Where I rightfully be
And for everyone not mentioned
Either I forgot or your irrelevant
Don't take it personal
It's evident
That these are just lyrics
Open debate

[Intro: Chilla Jones]
You know I been on the scene for a little while and um'
Past year or so man, I- I been putting on something serious
So gotta' mention me

[Intro: Irv]
Jones, Show these nigga's why you one of the best

[Verse: Chilla Jones]
I'm from where a Clip-a' fly, Blake Griffin
Getting bars off of my chest like I'm weight liftin'
Bob and weave, make em' swing and miss like great pitchin'
Your whole circle turn to squares have em' shape shifting'
Yea, this ain't to create tension
But how you speak on the best in the bean and I ain't mentioned?
I'm mean with it, 2 Million views reppin' the bean on SMACK with his B fitted
No one that you seen on the scene did it
Uh, I scheme wicked
Y'all rappers ain't nice enough
See what jamaica plain rhymes when I'm writing tough
This is only actin' ya'll, I ain't tryna' fight an stuff
I wouldn't hurt nor would I Dead em', just lighten up
I'm only tauntin', let's see how they plan work
They said give me malden, don't stop till' I'm Amhersted
Once your mans failed his mission, he'll see his fans hurt
Scheme's, I don't need em' to put emcees in the damn dirt
I'm bright-N' make niggas disintegrate
I been a great
Since I told Interstate his buzz was only in the state
How is Show international?
His buzz was local
Tell me when Show, International
Should of never dropped that record, nigga
Now you next
Friendly competition but this the shit that i do best
It's all love I'm taking shots for the hell of it
Careful who's being forgotten or called irrelevant
Y'all best bets to respect me
And when you list the city's best don't you ever forget me
Just skate son, I'm the great one, better than Gretzky
I'm too nice to let a rookie or veteran check me
Keep the women and ho's, y'all selling tickets for dough
While I'm getting more for these battles than niggas is getting for shows
And I'm hoping niggas is fast learners
Cause I'm killing the whole state you could call it a mass murder
Ask the SMACK crowd about my rap style
Over ya' head but raining on you like a black cloud
No romance, I put sunset in the background
Semi-circle flow, killing rappers with half rounds
Y'all think Chilla could lose?
I'm too witty player
Ask in here, many-knows like our city mayor
Bars got too many layers
I'm rapping with death
But all I do is win, still think Khaled's the best?
I'm putting lives in jeopardy, I rap for respect
So I'll get the category box like Alex Trebek
Leave this man alone
I get cheers for standing behind my bars like I'm Sam Malone
I wasn't gonna respond, I ain't playing this zone
Could of been the first to flip like a camera phone
I heard Show claim king, who let em' man the throne?
I don't want it but that's something that I can't condone
But this is why I don't consider niggas my rivals
While they worry about the crown, I'm walking round' with the title
Crowns get passed down, title's you gotta fight for
If you wanna spar with the bars you gotta write more
I'm too mouf-y on the reg' nigga
Smoke you like a dutch. on wax, I leave boys dead nigga
My terminology clear, hear what I said nigga?
Blue Hill Avenue bars put you to bed, nigga
No nine Milly's just a pencil full of lead nigga
Now it's real F'n pee dripping down your leg nigga
I know you prolly' wanna respond but don't partna'
Cause I'm-a make sure the next one's a showstoppa'

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