Circumcision Proposition - Cosby Meltdown [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Circumcision Proposition
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Billy Spitz]
" Saw this fine Mamacita shopping for a coffee table
Girl had more ass than a mother fucking donkey stable
Certain things you see man some shit is unforgettable
My dick told me to talk to her, my brain told me to let it go
Listened to my cock and started talking real professional
Said you looking spicy ma', she said that she's from Mexico
Told her that explains it, and just for the record yo
Your face is hella pretty but that ass is just incredible
Said get away from me you creepy fucking pedophile
Turns out she's only fourteen but I still don't regret it though (but you should)
I still don't regret it though (yeah but you really should though)
I still don't regret it though
Check it, I'll smack a broad around if she ain't acting right
Women piss me off more than being stuck in traffic lights
Suck a dick, close your mouth, make some food
Those the only things a basic bitch like you needs to do
Bitch shut the fuck up with your stupid stories
Every time you talk, you fucking bore me, ladies
Please just get your shit straight, keep your opinions to yourself and just tell me how my dick tastes."

[Verse 2: Tory Kipple]
" Tasting cock is Origami Prophet's Mini Papa's favorite hobby
Lobster red Tedy Andreas blows it by the thousand
Oh lawd' you thought I was an innocent child
Now i'm wilin' out in public with a dick in my mouth
This is real boy music and we're using it to spark our spliffs and bowls for entertainment like a donkey show in Vegas
Couldn't tame us if you wanted to
I wonder if you lazy penis tuggers could arouse a faggot sitting right in front of you
I'm 102 degrees hotter than a fire fighter fighting fires in a yard of eighty thousand rubber tires
You are Dora The Explorer, I'm a needle in the haystack
Come and find me bring your Boots for safety you gon' need that
Roaming through the strange lands and we still got miles to go
I got a kilo of the coke and a pound of the dro
What the fuck you know? I'm ballin' like i'm Robin Yount
Playing for the Brewers back in '82 you fucking cunt."

[Verse 3: Billy Spitz]
" Aye shout out to Bill Cosby (cough) I'm a little bit sick
Pop my collar on these faggots show em' all the man in me
I got homies that would kill for me, thats my fucking family
I'll break your bitch off like a kit kat, hair slicked back plus the way I spit raps
Gets dried up pussy's wet and I leave necks with fucking whiplash, bitch ass
Pussy faggots haven't learned their lesson cuz they skipped class
Talk shit on Circumcision thats how you get whipped ass
It's the circumcision syndicate
Females hear our song now they acting hella interested
Any bitch can get dicked, Billy is the reason that they dress up and wear lipstick, dip shit
Shout out to the college boys playing this and listening
My mind's gone, not because I lost it, but it left me
Always go the right way, cuz then you won't get left see
Made your mother blow me, then told her make a sandwich
She said turkey or bologna?
Said bitch it doesn't matter i'm just mother fucking hungry."

[Verse 4: Tory Kipple]
" I'm hungry too, what looks like a cock and tastes good, but it's just regular food?
So put the potassium back in that banana peel tuggie
Now put the catheter right back in my wagon
I'm having a African manikin attack all the faggots a dad couldn't handle
Because his daughter told him her boyfriend is plastered and blasted with swastika tattoos on his glass eye and asshole
Jose Ole' doesn't owe me or blow me for Tony, The Tiger stripes
I gotta earn em I fight like i'm Doby
Attacking Ron Burgundy before Baxter coyote
Came to pacific buffalo now i'm working for Oakley
Smoking peyote and i'm homies with Obi Kenobi, oh fuck off."
(fuck off)

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