Conzcept - Otherside [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Conzcept
Album: 199X
Data wydania: 2015-01-23
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DNTE, Napoleon Trill

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Tekst piosenki

Uh hold up dub bags we roll up
Smoking on marijuana life of a popular loner
Owner of a mind that's way beyond his time
Blasting holes in the night till she bled sunshine and I
Have no mercy in my brain no nothing but pain
Smoke inside of my body alchohol in my veins
Yeah I'm trippin but I'm never caught slippin
Money on my mind recline blow some weed smoke in the sky
Yeah uh con is back at it
Trying to reach nirvana with supreme mathematics
Nevermind your mind you must be a begginner bruh
Put you to sleep like you faced an 8th of indica
Im never lyin and i got some shine up in the cup
Im fuckin raw and im bout to bust what up
I swear im one of the illest mofuckers
Bitches blessin up but thats not why they kneeling mofucker
Keep your mind right cuz they be killin mofuckers
And my hindsight keeping me up at night it's reckless
You better be counting blessing because life is precious
And you might not like my name but you're gonna respect it it's Con

At 19 i seen babylon
Now i'm a local legend in need of a pantheon
My mind is gone because of all the drugs i'm on
My thoughts are like a vagabond like searching through the amazon
Damn i'm on, Greedy bitch and i'm duckin 12
We ain't talking shoes when we talkin bout pumps and shells
Rung the bell and drop the casket
Cop a pound break it down and wrap it in plastic
Serve thee fiends and bitches with broken dreams
The stars ain't out tonight but the lights of the cities gleam
Silence is slicing in the slums you can hear the screams
Deaf ear to the streets get sweeped when shots ring
What i've seen could drive you crazy
In and out of lines sun shines while i day drink
Sometimes i look up to the sky to save me
I'm just praying that I make it home safely

Its a wonderful life
A beautiful death
Thief in the night
King of the steps
Dark in the light
Holdin my breath
Its a wonderful life
And a beautiful death so may i rest

But ima see you on the otherside
In the pastures of paradise
On my throne of sins I hold it in
It'll be over soon, it'll be over soon

I keep a cool face one eye open look at the room fade
It's GreedyGanG nigga well welcome to goons day
Its FAM killa choppin it like a cool fade
And who's he im Bruce Lee yup with an UZI
Kickin and shootin large to the ruthless
90s recruited to play with us you gotta wake Mike Jack from snoozin
And im smokin on Ivory how many ghosts are you pullin
Im just killin some rappers getting emotional cushion
Go to town on you rappers leaving your city in shooklyn
And from Jersey to Brooklyn you are not worth to push me
Black mags black skully black hoodie im back pussy
Backpackin the MACers to your back rookie
Bring it back to the trap we stackin racks
Bring it back this crack to rap its back to back
Attack of the flags back from the ash
A Big Pun on they ass niggas being niggas they guns and they blast
Niggas being niggas twisting they fingers and dump
Well ima be tha nigga let me just murder it up
In skully we trust bouncin we bust throwin it up
Peace to the dub while we rolling up skunk
I'm just C4 let me blow reload clip go boom boom rattt
Oh no he's so lethal i come from poor righteous motherfuckin people
You know and oh so is illegal fuck the popo for bringing purge to the people
Im killin everybody who ever thought it was sweet though
Word to alantic city roll the dice and i'm cee lo
Viva las vegas that's a heinous statement
You soft amous your not famous
Im a serious as niggas getting assault chambers
Cross 9s when my mind is cross mangled
Im Emmit Smith in the prime im young star spangled
Nigga Get Em

[7th Heaven Clip]

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