Danger Mouse & Jemini - Omega Supreme [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Danger Mouse & Jemini
Album: Ghetto Pop Life
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Danger Mouse

Tekst piosenki

"Funk soul, on deck
Prince of the ghetto
Omega supreme
Danger Mouse
We do it like this"

"Sometimes I get the feeling
I got to put it on ya
Surprised how I lay my beat down
Same MC off of ya corner"
Jemini, still gifted still the funk soul
You can call me the prince of the ghetto
Omega supreme imperial flow
"Who the fuck is this?"
Me, me, that's who

All aboard, my ship is about to leave the port
Call the law man, this shit ain't even humorous
And yes, my Puma's is fresh
As soon as I'm stressed
You get steel in ya anus spit from numerous Tec's
Get it right I come to spit flip the script rip the mic
You can get it however you want it
Cause I can spit it however ya like
Man, shit be tight nigga ya might need kryptonite
Man, you say that you want it
So you better take whatever you get tonight
See my problem is I never learned to lie for shit
Sometimes I get sperm in my eye cause I be on my own dick
My rhyme book stay thick
Like the hips on Free
From 106 & Park used to be
Y'all know the dilly niggas holla if ya really feel me
I'm a cold blooded assassin
And tonight I come to leave ya cipher chilly
"And we must believe that no one will criticize us for speaking honestly"


Listen, momma said there'd be days like this
Where I'd have to set the record straight on a plagiarist
Who played the fifth row
Had to let the kid know even if he played the fifth
I'd still get in his ass like a wedgie
Ready or not I be lyrical machete that cut
Through bricks and steel cause sticks and stones might
Break ya bones
But they won't end the rhetoric
The evidence is in, I'm guilty
Cause the verdict is my cleverness with pen
Murder music murder men
The mo' time go by the mo' intense my lyrical flow
To show the privates that they can't follow where generals go
I leave the troops and the battles and the trenches
You succeed with flukes and coincidences
You have no defenses against my sen-tences
I'm all up in the game and you sidelined on the benches
Defenseless against this
From the beginning it was senseless
You bit more than you could chew
It's knocking out your dentures
"But I but I but I but I but I but I but I I figga, that I'm a bad nigga I'm
A bad nigga
I'm a bad bad nigga"


I love it when it's my turn
And faces start to look crazy concerned
They know I'm about to burn baby burn
From the facility
The city'll need a lot of H20
When I'm finished you'll need a place to go
Face the facts
I flow from the brain to the paper to the wax
Back niggas down like automatic gunfire
I perspire when I show a MC how to holla for the have my power locked down
Like Rottweiler dogs
Don't be appalled at the crowd just because they applaud
When they lockjawed but don't follow yours
Yours was only endured for a minute or more
Until I took the floor
And came through with the definitive raw
The textbook definition of "damn he nice!"
I'm so explosive like bullets bust from ya biscuit
Sometimes my shit is too explicit to risk it
But these idiots love the pain
And they ain't really tryin' to risk it
Nigga listen!


So check the rhyme to the rhythm
Or shiver when I give a
Very fat deliver-y
The process only Jemini, me
Other MC's is corny I set ya souls free
The baddest born motherfucker ever to pick up a mic
And when I touch the structure
Watch the structure rupture
Clutch ya, might butt ya
Not the type to get down with the baddest
The Jemini status
I'm blunt with the gun so I stomp out ya business
Plus I can dominate ya physical fitness
So witness the Jemini shit comin' from way back
Beef with me chief I throw the blade to ya nutsack for payback
Don't ya try to diss me like a gamer
I got rhymes in the clip plus one inside the chamber
Danger, so cock the Glock near ya jock
But I, I figga', that I'm a bad nigga I'm a bad nigga, I'm a bad bad nigga
I'm a bad nigga
And we was singing that

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