Daz Dillinger - O.G. [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Daz Dillinger
Album: Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back, 15 Years on Death Row
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Daz Dillinger

Tekst piosenki

Snoop (Daz):
Yeah, what I'mma do right here is take my time
And dedicating this one to my niggas resting in peace
And my niggas behind the wall
See you when I get there, you know what I'm saying? (really doe)
So drip with me as I go down memory lane

Boy it's a loony where the grass is greener
(1-8-7 ain't shit but a misdemeanor)
I've seen a lot of niggas come up, but few niggas done up
Some rest in peace, with their khakis heavy squeezed
But it's a East Side thang, a hoo ride thang
(cause if we bang to the boogie than we boogie to the bang)
I bring you the motherfucking .38
(just get the MC and the homie Nate)
So we can slide, slide, slippity slide
As I take you on a trip nigga ride (East Side)

Nate (Daz):
Do you remember back on the East Side?
Where all us niggas used to love to ride
We didn't care what we did
Time was nothing to us we were just kids
Times are different now, but you still get stuck
I'm not a kid no more, I just don't give a fuck
So if you're thinking about coming and stepping to me
Keep this in mind: I'm a motherfucking O.G

Lets speed the clock up and pass some time
June 17th, 1979
That's my first time being arrested
I know I did the crime, but I ain't going to confess to this shit
I learned that from the G's
A G is an overseer, the overseer sees
More than you do cause he gets experienced
And besides I'm just a juvenile delinquent
So I was gone, and I'm on my way home
My momma's coming to scoop me in a fleetwood brougham
She puts a jacket on my back and hands me a comb
We stop at frosty freeze for a couple snowcones
She telling me that I didn't need to do what I done
She said: "playing football should be your only fun son"
I'm like "allright" so we enter the house
I mobbed through the door and pops fired to the mouth
I couldn't do nothing but cry like a bitch
I looked at my momma and said: "damn, why you snitch?"
They put me on punishment but that didn't work
Now wearing khakis, wallabees, and a T-shirt(whattup cuz)
And throwing up the neighborhood gang sides
I do my first robbery and now I gotta do time

My homie told me one day he had a jack move
He said: "come on Nate Dogg, it'll be smooth"
I agreed and said "come on, let's go and jack them fools"
Next day we were draped in the county blues
I went and did a little time in the bucket see (seventeen years)
Saying to myself "I'll never fuck with that nigga again"
'fore I'm locked down I learned to be
What I am now and that's a motherfucking O.G
Original gangsta

I grew up in the city as a child, faced the trials
Never smiled, became a gangster in the meanwhile
You'd find me swearing and lying, trying to be an O.G.,
Beating the shit out of niggas for Guess and Hillfigers
The man behind the trigger, committing robberies
With the homies, no one could stop, nobody knew me
Gankin' niggas for show, sucker niggas better know me
Because we ain't letting the bullshit slide no more
Do you in nigga and kick in your front door
To let you know we can't take no more
Feeling revenge, killing enemies, family and friends
And let you pay the cost for my homie's life, it's lost
Toss a coin in the air, run my fingers through my hair
And ask myself: "who the fuck should I really fear?"
I ran around with the best killers
Thug criminals and drug dealers
Blasting niggas if they come near us
(???) with evil spirits, no one could help us if we could
Knock on wood for good luck
Serve every nigga in your hood with a buck, now you've been struck
Stood gangsta in a static gangsta mack
A grown child laying niggas the fuck down

Nate (Daz):
Original gangsta (original gangsta)
Coming from Long Beach (the town by the sea where niggas know me)
Coming from the East Side...

You're fucking with The Pound, oh nigga please
C-O-B.'s can't see the D-O-double G's, [O.G.'s... repeat 5 times]
Shout outs to my nigga Mr. D-A-Z
Shout outs to my nigga Mr. Warren G
Shout outs to my nigga S-N-double O-P
Shout outs to my niggas C-Style and me

Snoop (Nate):
Yeah, straight up, based on a true story
You know what I'm saying? It's a G thang baby (original gangsta)
You trick ass bitch!

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