DDot Omen - ETHERnet (Childish Gambino Diss) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: DDot Omen
Data wydania: 2013-11-04
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: The Beat Bully

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Tekst piosenki

It bothers me when mogs start reacting to the blogs
And talking all hard til it's really poppin off
You claim to want beef but I'm the Based God of Cookin'
So let me tell you bout this time I seen his ass in Brooklyn
With that Dingy ass hoodie on, looking all fuckin weird
Me and O.F. laughing like "oh shit was it him"?
Walkin backstage ain't nobody say what's up to him
Now you wanna come at me? Aight well fuck it then
I cock it back Re Up Gang when I let them cans spray
Grab the fif load up Clipse, watch I make Fam Lay
Meet up any damn day, bitch say it to my damn face
You right, I don't exist and neither does your fan base
Because the internet? well your rap style is Dial Up, AOL Trial run
You beefing with Cyclops, get it nigga? I WON
Ready when the time come, one call and niggas mobbin with me like Verizon
It's off with his wig, all your Songs make me cringe
Your Chorus suck, I'll Hook this nigga and toss em off a Bridge
Get it? that track structure, ya lyrics is lack luster
Don't get comfortable hiding and thinkin' I can't touch ya
Ain't no tweeting when it's beef, if you see him? point em out
Then I'm putting hands on Childish, spare the rod, spoil the child
But I ain't taking the fall got my Alibi and my Patsy
For when I murder this Childish Bitch, JonBenet Ramsey
And did I fail to mention he's a carbon copy Stan of Ye?
Tried to start a Twitter war with Lupe? nigga That is gay
You fantasize about holding his hand and watching Anime
Smash ya face in Pound Cake and Beat you like Annie Mae
Turn to Walt Disney since this nigga tryna play me
Ya'll better Donald, Duck or he'll be pushin' up Daisies
You dressing like a hipster but Pitchfork hate ya tapes
Monkey nigga Washed Up them hoodies ain't Bathing Ape
This got me outta character, rappin' against an amateur
Get the fuck outta Dodge, boy you really ain't no Challenger
Started on Community and now you here
So beefing with bloggers a milestone of your career?
I mean, I know you lack cojones but If he ever up run up on me
It's gon be sad what I do to Childish, word to Joseph Kony
You a fake Charles Hamilton, Sonic nigga, fuck is up?
Watch you tuck your Tails between your legs when I Knuckle up
And you can take the fade, with that little ass frame
I mean he got BROAD shoulders he built like Angel Haze
I knock a nigga out, you get housed then it's back to bloggin
I don't exist? I'll swing my fists and call it Shadow Boxing
I seek and destroy, like Achilles killing Hector
I will bring it to your door, Troy, strapped with the heckler
I'm masked up in his crib while he laying there asleep
Pillow as a Silencer [YAWK YAWK], Bed Peace (Piece)
So say your prayers, and then kiss ya ass goodbye
Claiming "Royalty" but we can really see that that's a lie
Ain't no Bowing to this Square unless I Pray to the Kaaba
Gambino nice? nah, maybe when bell freeze
Your single on retail? that B.S. won't sell, please!
You ain't never kill a mic so stop pushing that LP
I logged in on Instagram they using my quotes
Meanwhile, I scroll down, he's posting Suicide notes
I will literally kiss Sabrina Ahmed on the forehead
Tell her please me forgive then leave you up in the morgue dead
I'm stiff competition, for them weak rhymes you kickin
You "sitting on toilet"? leave without a pot to piss in
I heard this faggots adopted, yeah? where's your Mother, nigga?
It don't matter, it's apparent when I Son this nigga
Track down ya birth mama, find out where that bitch stay
Tell her how the son the bitch made, is bitch made
I will GTA Number 5 leave this nigga "Wasted"
Meet me outside, pound sign, #TurnOnYourLocation
Niggas lurkin and waiting to murk em soon as I say it
I'm feelin like Conrad Murray I'm losing all of my Patience (Patients)
Your label gon be wondering why'd they even ink a deal
The Jig is up so bad I had to give Hov sleeping pills
He don't be pop capsules though, he rocks Tom Ford
So this lil' back and forth? I ain't got time for it
Reading Pitchfork and we see what the reviews you say
You Kanye West Light nigga, Diet Soda Lupe
Weezy F. Bino and the "F" is for Fat Free
I mean god damn, how watered down can yo raps be?
You hanging with Jhene, why? so you can meet Raz B?
And on my worst day man you never could've matched me
Bino never been a threat, we know this guy is pussy
And "Because the internet" you fuckin with Cyber Bully

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