Def Squad - BET Cypher [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Def Squad
Album: BET Awards Cyphers 2015
Data wydania: 2015-10-13
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Eric Sermon]
I bring the rapture like Blondie
If Hip Hop is dead then what am I, a zombie?
Got me a terrorist tryna bomb me
Serm, cats follow me like Ghandi
From Zune to Itunes i'm being heard
Eric Sermon got shut down never occurred
I'm still in the limelight, still being seen
Hop out the coupe, so I still got green
I still got cream, I still got steam, i'm hot
Even if they sayin' I'm not, y'all exist because of me
I stand out like a double D breasted lady, I'm so crazy
I have a team with a Mercedes or black drop top
The color was spot, you think not
That was seventeen years ago, dub i'm timely
Got 1.7 when Def Jam signed me
Go ahead rewind me, backtrack when I said
I'm from the era of Lee jeans and Pro-Keds
E-dub i'm hot like sauna, i'm the fliest MC in my genre
I'm a soigneur, word from Wallace
Lame niggas steppin' to me, get demolished
Yeah, my Def Squad is up in here
Windex flow, just makin' it clear, yup
Boy, I'm sick of you actors
Your careers 2Pac spelled backwards, Caput, Homey

Take a stab at it, inhale like asthmatic
The chiropractor, Redman, I'm back at it
Sawed-off by the bed, it's a Craftmatic
The size of a subway sandwich, ask Jared
Bigfoot givin' input
Every rhyme like Lisa Raye homey
Fuck with it, it's a good look
I'm a Lieutenant, the new school respect Redmanace
My society raised a winner
I sent any bitch straight to restore order
Lift my pimp hand up like “Why, I Oughta!”
I don't tolerate the nonsense
I tell my bitch, be easy like you straight outta Compton
South by southwest outta Austin
Tore the place down, Twitter went wild
Def jam raised they eyebrow
We independent now, you should have took care of the cash cow
Move out my way bitch, Captain courageous
Fuck you and your iPod if I ain't in your playlist
Bravehearted, I'm Nas in '94
You can say I'm your favorite rapper's favorite
I'm like Henney on the floor wasted
Pump your breaks, divorce me if you can't relate
I get brain when I text, I'm typing LOL
Chick on her knees like SMH, get it
You slow listen faster, cause my time's a factor
And you freestylin' and I ain't asked ya
Weak link niggas, Redda think bigger
This flow hit ya chick, she cried me a river
And you Simba, lyin' like you care 'round the iron
But I'm a supervisor and i'm firing
Red nigga, the flow is tight
The Bricks light skinned Dolomite, give me a like

[Keith Murray]
Now you know how I do and ya know my style
I Earth you, hug ya girl console ya child
Fucked the preacher wife and ay, I posed to pull pit
Come on Deacon, sit down funky I got this shit
He said he's gon' give to the world, boy, listen how I yella
But he keep getting robbed, cause he teasin' the ghetto
Rappers talk slick, take it back
Eat they old words, where they do that at?
How that man put you on and he locked up
And you won't give him no money for bail
That's punk faked up
I love him cause he get busy, but the new Biggie
Come on Diddy, there'll never be another one of that nigga
And lil' homey on the internet tell it
Shit Murray sold more drugs than Jigga
And his crack end is pathetic, worst than the bank
Who give a butt man, no credit, always at the safe
I got that next level shit and styles are futuristic
Just running 'round with Reggie with the car we sent in
Coming with E-Double cause that man is so ill realest
Who be told you ages, we never quit and yo know we meant it
Murray put words together clever, Yahtzee
I'm too cool, Auther Fonzerelle on these Potsies
Come to the party, festive yes could get busy
Rope-a-dope 'em, still on my Ali
Shocker, the new squad General
Now tackle, I do fuckin' drop ya bitch off
And said to me, but that nigga talk the truth, ooh
Cows flies crazy, the floss still coo-hool
So Murray make green like yellow with blue
He said I fell off, you never fell on
You don't like me but your girls on my songs
I can get on 'em like wick whack edible thong
That beat her on her head like bong bong
And I live on tour, I ain't got no home
You can reach me on my Obama phone
We love you Barack. Hilary Clinton for President
I approve this message

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