Despicable Z - (Don't) Miss (Read) Me (Drake's Miss Me Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Despicable Z
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Wattz, Jroy Jinkins

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Despicable Z]
Meet the unstoppable force that can move any object
A kid so sick that he could make any doctor nauseous
But I can't stop it, I just got to make a sound
I just got to grow everyday like my weed does from the ground
As I'm smoking a pound, my lungs are almost useless
The only use they have is just to spit to this music
Keeping me alive, that's a joke, I am dead
The only blood that rushes through my veins is when I'm getting head
Just like Homer I am far from sober
I am all about that dope but it is not my controller
So much older, on an Odyssey, and you're not stopping me
You could be as big as Michael Oher, but you're still not blocking me
They're talking of me, they could hear me now
And I've been slapping these fools in the face like I was fucking JWOWW
Wait, how? I threw him a Mac and rolled backhand
Tell all your friends about me, bitch, I am the Batman
On a track, man, I rip it like a savage
This world's met the boy, and I am Ben fucking Savage
I am here to ravage, with the mentality of a lion
They say rap is fine, but in reality it is dyin'
And I'm just trying, to break the fucking mold here
While most these motherfuckers be selling out like it was cold beer
And I am no check here, I am nothing but an artist
If you want something to sell, well then bitch you can go to Target
Pretty boy swag, why the fuck do you have asthma?
Meanwhile, I am writing shit that you couldn't even fathom
Or imagine, you make a dance move just to make a song
Take that shit to preschool where “Itsy Bitsy Spider” belongs
I got some tongs, a grip on the game
So I'm gonna flip this bitch over so it can feel my flame
Grill all these fools until they fucking know the name
Despicable's on his way and music won't be the same

[Hook: Drake]
Cause it's on
Yeah girl it's on
You know what it is when I finally make it home
I just hope you miss me a little when I'm gone
Yeah I just hope you miss me a little when I'm gone
And you just tell me what you down for, anythin' you down for
I know things have changed, know I used to be around more
But you should miss a little when I'm gone
I just hope you miss me a little when I'm gone

[Verse 2: Despicable Z]
I know I'm not Drake, and I damn straight Wayne
Cause I do make mistakes, but that's all experience gained
Like a stain that remains, I will not let up
Even though my life's a bitch, I will still keep my head up
While those bitches get fed up, I get determined
When they start to shake I get the hand of a surgeon
And I can work 'em, welcome to my operation table
Where your mind and your body will never be fuckin' stable
And I am able, to drop the beat like it's your vitals
Maybe you'll die for a while, sorry bro that's just my style
But you'll still smile, my lyrics are filled with laughing gas
So what if I'm doing surgery
You want a hit? I'll fucking pass
Got a stash of some great grass, it's all medical
You hit that shit once or twice, you'll be balling like my left testicle
And I'm a professional at just being unique
You take one minute to listen to me and the rest just looks bleak
If the best is what you seek, you should know me by now
All those other fuckers be chicken, I give 'em a kick like Kung Pao
They ask how, I say I have always been this good
Sure I haven't been here long, but I always brought the wood
Those haters wish they could, but wishes don't do shit
We be playin' on that (idk), they still on 16-bit
Like a SEGA genesis, but it gets old playing Sonic
And I'll be your arch-nemesis, like I was Dr. Robotnik
Like Johnny (idk), that does not make sense
And I am loved by both sexes like I'm K-Y Intense
(this whole line idk)
And they love to gurgle on that toothbrush, if you know what I mean
I'm a Teen, but I have always been a Titan
A Robin, Beast Boy, and a Cyborg when I'm writin'
My Starfire's ignitin', and this world's mine for the takin'
If I don't get it this year, I'll be back like the Raven


Despicable Z
Top of the J
Wattz, Jroy Jinkins
Don't worry, that mixtape
That's mixtape's on the way
If you missed me, don't worry
I'll always be back
This life, or the next
Despicable Z is out

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