Dizzle Morrison - Evolve [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Dizzle Morrison
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: Dizzle Morrison

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Tekst piosenki

Eye seem so distant... from all my friendships
Live in the felt, yet out-of-touch with kinsman
What's so different? What have I been given?
A knowledge of Self, a knowledge that this ain't living

I Love my people...
(But) I know what they do, doing, did
How they've done my people
Sports field, job field, cotton fields, how they run my people
Spirit-u-al progression for all my people
Armageddon's been on my people

Verse 1:
Our feathers BEEN gone my people
The Angel Race been replaced
By dollars and jakes, even the serpents being snakes
Telling us wait (wait wait wait wait)
Through aches and wakes
How can you say "God is great"
And you "suffer for goodness' sake"
When you're living Godless
If nature's supposed to guide us
Why is it nature we live outside of
Putting faith in a system that robs us
Being honest...
That synagogue is for Satan
Send praises high to Creator, but you despise Her creations
Thou hath forsaken, thou divination
I will my words to keep shaking until your Spirit's awakened
Meditation on the Cosmic Laws, and harmony with all
360 degrees 'til I see we evolve

I got to evolve
I know why I'm called
You thinking too small
No apologies needed or grievances
No not at all
You still trying to ball
How long will you crawl
You claim to be following Jesus
On water I walk
I step out on faith
Why you throwing salt
Year round I see Sun the reason
I do it for y'all
So even in Spring
You see the Fall
No longer involved
Because I evolve

Verse 2:
I think and grow in the Spiritual
Everybody telling me it is blasphemy
When I speak on how I don't need no
Pastor or priest to teach inside the church house or the cathedral
Everything that I need or seek to be holy is all in my temple
Y'all don't hear me though
I pray to the heavens it's bad hearing
Not because we are adherent
To different beliefs, the equation for peace is
Add fear and subtract feeling a glass ceiling
Dividing us from a mass healing
Multiply racists, rapists, hatred, mass killings, and addiction
I'm past giving, a FUCK about what your leaders say
I ain't saying that I'll lead the way
But I'll never purposely lead astray
Knelt down by the shepherd's feet to pray
To my surprise, saw paws
Sheep's blood under the claws
Probable cause to, to evolve


Evolve (16x)

To our origin-al state before division
Our way before religion al-ways sharing wisdom
Y'all ain't stacking billions, but I bet we packing prisons
I resolved to evolve back to a natural living
We don't NEED what they're giving
What they feed our children
If it wasn't for us and OUR touch they
Never would've risen where we dwell at
Ask ME if I really know where hell's at
Anywhere WE don't know ourselves at
Doing everything they're telling
Got us ever less free, ever more solitary
Marijuana smoke inhaling NO
Deep meditation got us high as heaven's ceiling
Got word from a butterfly it told me it's a feeling

It's a feeling (6x)

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