Electronic Jack x Bee - The World is a Ghetto [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Electronic Jack x Bee
Album: Holotape Chronicles
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: The CrateZ/VansBeats

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse One: Electronic Jack]
I don't remember one day I never dreamed of being a king. Striking the red sea with the snake that managed to coerce Eve. Never been ordinary. Always had my head in the clouds.-Even though my skin is pretty light for being in the south

Thick and cold as my feelings for ---- before I cut her off. Don't need any negativity in my life. Bite me...Jaws! Plenty of fish. Down to my last penny, pissed. If I don't make it rich, I'm grabbing the four-filth, and sticking up every single bank. Like Ben Affleck, you don't know "None" (Nun). I'm comin' in with the mask and tape

But that's what they want me prove...that every bit of my kind is a dropout, criminal or fool. I know right from wrong. That's where I differ. Top of my class. No Stifler. "Oh a sophisticated nigger..."

I could pull a specific trigger and become an activist, because quite frankly, I'm simply tired using my fist, but neither brings a solution that doesn't require genocide. The fact is, I'm a ghost in the shell, my life just may be a lie

Because what I'm fighting for is more than I can endure. Like I'm in doors at a Battlefront. Fighting on Endor. Grab a sword, cut the power cord, night-vision goggles

So it's very possible to take out a whole army of hostiles. Hablar muerto o mantener viva. Bee's got the cleaver, and I got the white phosphorus. Eat up!

The world is a ghetto, many stories like 'Heavy Metal', never settle for less than a medal or rose petals. I'm on the brink of my own anxiety. A titan till I retire my own dynasty. I said--

Speak dead or Keep Alive. x2

[Verse Two: Bee]
Got a story to tell
Straight from the pits of hell
That talks about the devil when he fell
Pride comes before the fall
And it's no different with these rick folk
Who seem to think they have it all
Hah what a fuckin' joke
The only thing tall is their status and wealth
Take that shit away and they break easy like egg yoke
That's what happens when your nurtured and cursed w/out burdens
Yeah I call it a curse cause the cats who been thru shit
Don't ever cry over wack shit like a wack bitch
Instead they toughen from the inside and retaliate to solidify their faith
They work instead of focusin' and blowin' money on bitches who twerk
Nothin' wrong with some fun but everything in life is temporary
Seize the moment while you can and stop fixating on months like February
If you can't fathom the depth of this anthem then lemme break it down
Handsome is overrated, beauty should be educated, shallowness to be eliminated
It was Pac who said "money over bitches"
"Ambitionz Az A Ridah", I won't deny it, I'm a straight Rydah


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