Eligh featuring The Grouch and Murs - The Dragon [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Eligh featuring The Grouch and Murs
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Eligh

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Tekst piosenki

The Grouch

She spoke the fire of the dragon had me bagging up my pride
Stooping below my level with my thumb out for a ride
Denied me entrance access i resided in the trunk
Went for the drive anyway feeling just like a punk
As we were squealing down the roadway her tire hit a flat
She pulled me out of the back and used my elbow for a jack
Hell No! What do i look like? She didn't answer she took flight
Breathe the breath of death caught me with the hook right
Left....combination i stay calm with patience
Waiting for the war to end so i could mend our break when
It was over i didn't know her yet
Age unknown name female aka season vet

Chorus X 2
The Dragon fly with the wingspan to break down man
Stands the Dragon
With the firey breath bringing the man to his death
The knights final request yes the dragon!


The serpent workin' shit right before i entered the stage
With the gauge brought to my forehead at this particular age
How could i not be enticed much more than twice by the wetne that was so nice
My first slice of the pie dicing that love like a perfectionist
Excerising bliss with kiss was like riding the tide to the shoreline
My yes were never more wide
Open like the ravens stomach craving for that connection
Save an erection for overseas with my knees to the ground
And my neck in a rope woven around my hopes to marry the dragon heave and ho
Just to leave this plateau and whichever leaves the bitch up her sleeve was surfacing
Emerging my time and heart on the dragon flies is playing the part
And delaying my startto a new life of manhood
The canned goods were given in the form of self-pity to my homeless city
The situation were gritty and callous
Getting socked in the back of my mind reclined with imaginary kids my grids was warped
In a zone of my own palace i called gallant braverybut i was caught in a trap and ther was no means of saving me
I was knee deep in a swamp without the twamp to relax my musclesee i wan't up on the hustle
As the bushes rustle i found myself lost dealing the cards with a draft that last my life could have been my cost
But now that i'm on my own i finally am the boss
(bitchass dragons get lost)

Chorus X 2


I believe it was senior year in high school when i finally challenged my 6 foot dragon faced off to a duel
Not knowing she used my hearts fuel for her flame
She opened up her mouth and then she came with the game
Which found my fantasies to reality so now this shit ends
You can never counter the attack of "let's be friends"
Should have never let my shield down
But the pain that i feel now is worse than the fire of desire that once burned
So the lesson that ive learned is to never attack the dragon on a creep
For when its awaken from its sleep its caught off guard
And the first blow strike hard
Even the best knight's armors' dented plus his skin charred
And i use my best defense when up against these snakes serpents and chameleons
Of course leaving out the feelings then......
I got a sworn in attorney just in case the next dragon tries to burn me
While continuing my journey to experience new fables
To eventually earn a spot as a knight of the roundtable

***Outro/Speech by Eligh***

I wanna give salutations to all the dragons
A final shoutout to all the pain i was exposed to
All the confusion and all the disillusion i was served
All the serpents guarding their caverns filled with ????
Riches to bitches skills to play the knights ???
And a shout oes out to my dumb ass for getting played but never again
My shield is my soul's aideand the page reads "what comes around goes around"
The dragon too gets burnt

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