Enon Emus - Crack Alley Freestyle [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Enon Emus
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Del

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Tekst piosenki

(Jekyll) VERSE 1
Yo, yo, yo it’s Jekyll and Hyde, the best dead or alive
And I’m live from the side where this terror resides
The better designed, rhyme specialist, I’m –
So high off of life I can step in the sky
An intelligent mind that can sever your spine
Got a fetish for the devil and these letters and rhymes
Sentences lines so far ahead of my time
I could spit bars harder than Big L in his prime
It’s hard not to boss with such arsenal thoughts
Ignite on the mic and the market is torched
Burn in the booth like salons at the shore
Never-ending lines like a bar in New York
I started my course in the dark on a porch
I won’t stop spitting till my car is a Porsche
The hardest of course, I’m an artist with force
I’m so dope Armstrong wouldn’t talk. What

(Mr. E) VERSE 2
Let’s take it back to the basics
School yard rap with a flask and a jay lit
Knew that I was destined to cake it like Bill Gates' kids
Going apeshit Blake Griff when its lakes clips
Hit with the 1, 2 punch if I want to
Shit is better than ever causing terror like Pun's crew
Half y’all track stars run when the gun shoot
It don’t matter what u saying, bolt (Usain Bolt) when I come thru
You’ll never wanna flow again like a shark bit u
A heart full of scar tissue where my bars hit u
Numbing the pain the hard liquor and barbitur-ates
Life’s a story and mine doesn’t start with u
No friends just menaces on the block
I don’t fuck with characters who ain’t relevant to the plot
I’m headed to the top I ain’t never gonna stop
Unless Pac comes back at 7:07 on the dot

It’s essential that I’m burning jays when I grab a pencil
I murder instrumentals like a burner to your temple
My credentials looking special, going hard never gentle
Blast you with the shotty cops using your body as a stencil
Mad potential shit is mental and my bars are influencial
All these funny dummies hating cuz my money’s exponential
Confidential, on top of the game, presidential
Have your body and the cash and the stash in my rental
I’m impatient I be facing 2 blunts my mind’s erasing
Relatin’ to Satan cuz you know my flow’s god-forsaken
Got a 9 in my waist and a dime that I’m facing
Homicides on my mind and its highs that I’m chasing
Relating to those who made it, flow is so underrated
Penetrated with bullets bodies being left vegetative
Devastated families, murder rates accelerating
A moment of silence to all the homies who never made it

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