Eons D - Is It The Shoes [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Eons D
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Knaladeus

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1- I adored em, parents couldn't afford em
But one day my cuz let me wear her Jordans
But only for a day, on some Cinderalla stuff
Glass slippers how they fit like a pair of gloves
Dad had some extra bucks
So he sent me to the store for some bread and stuff
Maybe a 7-Up, if there was enough, left
I'm watching my steps, man I didn't wanna scuff 'em and mess 'em up
On my trip to the store I saw kids on the court
Couldn't help but think this is what these shoes were meant for
Too temptin' for redemption
Cuz I was known for shooting bricks, losing my dribble then
If ever I could fit in, it was then
The attention was immediate
As it was the week those sneakers hit the streets
Got me picked up on a team quick
Just to see if its (the shoes)

Hook- is it the shoes, Michael Jordan
Is it the shoes, Lebron James
Is it the shoes, Kobe Bryant
Is it the shoes, the only thing, in between me and flyin'

Verse 2- with the J's I was ready for the dish
I just threw it in the air, couldn't miss (swish)
The other team had a fit, yelling switch
Get a hand in his face, play some defense
But I was in the zone in those black and white (twelves)
We were winning back to back till night (fell)
Thought I should get home, my dad he might yell for me
And come give my backside the (belt)
Had to bail, but didn't want to end this magic spell
Shoot, even the trappers gave me dap as well
I was soaring, before this I'd never score man
A girl asked "what's your name?" they said "Jordan!"
Her boyfriend said "I remember you from last week
We picked you up, you was trash, mad weak
It was bad you weren't half the athlete"
Then he asked me
Verse 3-the next morning before I got my teeth brushed
Rushed downstairs just to get my dreams crushed
Should've known she wouldn't leave her hundred dollar sneakers
Back to the bright green run down Adidas
Man, I laced em up anyways
Hoping I could still hit the tre's
Get center stage like I did when I was in the J's
Dee down alrady feeling this is a different day
They confirmed, when I hear em say
"yo Jordan? Where ya Jordan's?"
I thought about lyin, I'll wear em another time
I just told the truth-"they weren't mine"
The opening words to my roast, the dark side of celebrity I suppose
When they passed me the rock, I choked
But they still called me Jordan as an inside joke
Every new guy would ask "why ya'll call him that
This dude can't ball, he wack?!"
And they would all laugh
And recall this exact chain of events
Before it evolved into rap
But when everybody left every weeknite
With the court slightly lit by the street lights
I would be like Mike
In those bright green sneakers with the 3 stripes
Is it the shoes?

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