Eric Bobo - 4 Short Of 80 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Eric Bobo
Album: Meeting Of The Minds
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Snika

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro] [Minus P talking]:
Okay. Yo, what's goin' on people? My name is Minus P. A lot of ya motherfuckers don't know me. A lot of y'all motherfuckers DO know me. Ya ya motherfuckers ain't never heard of me before. So basically, this track right here, what I'm doin' is...I'm gonna just give you a little bit of me, yaknahmean? I'm just introducing you to me, you knahmean? Minus P. Yo, if you didn't have a chance to yet, you need to tap my album Welcome To The Heights. But this right here, what you're listening to is the best in the Heights. Yeah, I'm just gonna give you a runaround of what I've been through. You knahmean, a little talk to you. You know how I do, you'll holla at me

[Verse One] [Minus P]:
It all started with a demo, two tracks
Produced by these two cats
Charged mad loot off the fact that
They mom was a known singer
We went to school together
We was cool and shit, I'm blaming me, I'm fool, whatever
Fuck them, I'm on to the next
Sent my shit out to Def, Jam and Bad Boy, two labels only what you expect
I was new to this
This was 2000 son
Kept hope alive till 2001
Met this dude who produced some shit big in the 90s (I like to move it, move it)
He said he knew some dude at Def Jam they wanted to sign me
?, no call backs, no return calls
No fall backs, no nothing, so he can suck my balls
And by the time I knew I was in for a ride
The industry where the strong only survive, powers will lie
2002 came to, had it with the bullshit
Started producing myself, ? Fruity Loops
A few shows, still shoppin' demos from before
I refused to lose my raw till '03 came along
Did my research, hooked up with my mans out there
Who scooped me up on harsh there and what snakes to watch here
A new demo
Turned a few tracks more
Shopped that shit out to every dick, every prick and hip hop board
To every label
500 copies of demos
Not even one called to say "Hello"
Accept for Elektra
They holla, I respect 'em for that
Even Death Row, they answered me back
Went to Bad Boy 2004, I was determined
Still shoppin' music, makin' my album's huntin'
I'm suited up, what, like I own this shit
Puffy's guard kicked me out like "You on some shit"
Met ? from Terror Squad, Fat Joe my demo got, crazy
Dropped it off at his crib in the limo, stop
Then ? looked at me, I swear on my dome
That nigga said, "Son I got this at home." I don't stop
Damn homie
Hate him for that
I'm just tryin' to get heard, but let's just leave it at that
Through some tactics and antics, got my track list played
Wendy Williams show, dunn here comes the big fame
Couple peeps called up, "You ain't signed, now that's great
Cause I got a DMX show for you." Here comes the game
Same shit at square one
Now notice I've been goin' through the same shit a thousand times now since day one
But whatever, it's 2004
I'm still juggling, school, job and music
I'm buying albums struggling
Finally, got it completed, shopped it around
But by now knew exactly what was gonna go down
I ain't stress it
I do what I do, show what I got
Opinion or not, the shit I be doin' is hot
I ain't shoppin' since then
And every other time I get ten dollar CD sold I think of
Snakes givin' me props, show for those that don't know me
Shit I'm doin' good now, I detect these phoneys
Make the street heads call up and promise me the world
I crush 'em all, hang up and tell 'em my albums for sale
I don't care if they there or not
You see me doin' my thing
This music is makin' my age
I don't need you
Don't need to suck up to you, keep up with you
Watch my mouth, not slip up with you, man what's up with you?
Then I tried to hit the scene with the DJ's
Making cream like, "Yo, how can I get down with your team?
We can both get gold." But they don't see it like that
Sometimes like an industry cat, they don't know how to act
These DJ's be thinkin' they slick
"How much money you want?" "For what?" "To be on this." "Nigga suck on my dick!"
It's funny how the same cats who come around now
Like they knew you from before, heard your name around town
Mike, like you don't remember when I spoke to you, you dissed me then
I ain't forget you, I won't fuck with you
And now you want a drop for what?
Collab with who?
Who does this? This is Minus chillin' with FUCK YOU
I got a list with your name on it
I don't forget
Get with this or like them bet you you'll be mad
Love for the ones that been with me since day one
Bean and Hermando, helping me handle
Music that I know how to do
And there's other cats too but can get a "fuck you"

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