Erick Arc Elliott - Taxi Cab [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Erick Arc Elliott
Album: Demos
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Erick "Arc" Elliott]
Long night but how are you?
I don't believe in love, What the fuck?
Though its hard to see a white girl get inside the car with me
Yea, it didn't bother me
Only partially cause only part of me
Would agree she is heading to Queens
Or some other forbidden place, lots of money I mean
Don't mean to judge you on the surface
Know you loving your scene a re, a re-up
So where you put your feet up?
You don't visit the hood, you'll be good girl, Ill see ya
As I exit the car, she grabbing up on my arms
Her bracelet was dangling, and Tiffany was the charm
Told me not to assume true
I make it do what it do
Weed inside the prescription bottle
When she got when she had the flu
She ain't even the cutest, but the weed is influence
Asked her where does she stay
She seems so eager to do it
She says I'm off of Nostrand and Church
I didn't judge you at first
And when you got in this cab I wasn't clutching my purse
You'll be hearing me down, is you hearing me now?
Was you racing the cab or was it racial profile?
I never knew, I never knew

[Verse 1: Erick "Arc" Elliott and Kara]
I just want to ride with somebody else whose quiet
Is that odd? Homie won a spout at the shots of fire
Its to rob, money in her mouth when cutting so inspire
Go hard, doing what I want until the final hour
Preaching to you novices
And a part of this is biblical
Just unifying bonds between the conscience and the literal
Since I was timid in my school, I had a women in my crew
Like i'm color blind, I don't see her detail through my eyelids
I won't combine it with ? with lime
I got visions of I and my messiah, my own Mariah Carey
Mixture with the Aries
My favorite color be green but no my visions be blurry
If she was white I wouldn't rather her another color
If she wasn't right it wouldn't matter if we love each other
She can just begin as a mother, birth my child
Love the skin she in so i'm taking it down

[Verse 2: Erick "Arc" Elliott and Kara]
I just want your hands on me with a strong grip
Want to live alone in my own apartment
Do whatever I want, whoever I want to rock with
I am gonna have my cake and gonna eat it often
I said no, you don't want to do that
You don't want to see the wrong niggas when you do that
Only chill with cool cats, Stella got the groove back
Architecture lifestyle or re-invent the boom bap
Fuck them other rules black, mind is where the jewels at
Skin is only pigment while all we picking the ruin at
I don't give a shit about color, Mama take the night off
Cause we all black when a nigga cut the lights off
Going round and round and round, you pick me up
And every ting I found, I found, I found it didn't mean much
Because Gyal you are the center of attention
Dem boys a' drop asleep, dem the proper prophesy
I can be your friends so let me see your skin
Your every ting I need, your every ting I see my queen

[Outro: Erick "Arc" Elliott]
Where are the people, the people that not know
Love not take shape or colour, it's a love ting this
All the people that wan' love up on one another
What are you a dummy? You not know love has no colour
Blood clot

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