Five Guys - 1 Train (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Five Guys
Data wydania: 2015-10-23
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: Sky, Zam, Berk, GLEY

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: GLEY]

I'm this ASAP Killer
In This Michael Jackson thriller
Hear shots popping off
In this mind of a dealer
Holy water in my cup like I'm sitting at the dinner
I don't sweat these little losses I was born a fucking winner
Look, I dedicated my soul these people know
Ain't no exorcism but I be possessed with this flow
Chasing my goal
Questioning every one of my roles
They ask me how to do it I just be taking the toll
I'm talking truth to any one of the youth
I been bumping with music my homies up in the booth
As I'm rapping up a storm the rain is starting to pour
I'm knocking up at this game watch as I open the door

[Verse 2: Berk]

Wake up thinking of what I be spitting
I ain't ripping on gang members but man I'm not cripping
Instead I be sipping, giving killer crosses now you tripping
You bought 40 but I'm still winning
You giving me the points like this shit is christmas
I ain't even kidding, and you think I'm finished?
Just buckle up man imma start hitting
The rhymes are clever doing homers like never
It's kinda scary but I'm only getting better
Making your bitch scream she getting wetter
By the rain drips on your mom's favorite sweater
But let me break it down deeper
Slippery slope just getting steeper
Kick around the other players like I'm playing FIFA
It's [?] and I believe you
I'm a lyrical fajita, good eating to the ears
I can hear bruh peep the one thing that's not addressed is what I came to express
The fact that I spit like a demon and you thought I'm possessed
The answer is yes
Just like Nate when he wearing his vest
You seen the text
But I wrote this rap like I wrote a test
If this is scary movie then you're next

[Verse 3: Zam]

ASAP Rocky fuck that this is the remix
Drinking from Holy Grail, Jesus
Graduation soon call me Yeezus
If you have a chance seize it
Gone across the world global
Cross the globe mobile
You wanna know my body count total
Everything I make is fuego
On to bricks start with legos
Rap rap thats how my day go
Spend a dime on that hoe, Rondo
My shit's quick, pronto
Running through the 6 with my woes, Toronto
Except I'm from the 215 dead or alive
In the booth is where I thrive
Stay in your lane stay sane
Power let it reign
Anything is better than that 1 train
These rappers are a nuisance
The game it's illusive
My lifestyle I don't choose it
All fancy shit all exclusive
On the track I'm abusive
Long live ASAP long live my music

[Verse 4: Sky]

Oh yes we mentally unstable
I want the label
Fuck the money, fuck the cars, fuck the clothes
These rhymes philosophical hit you harder than my fist
Make you cut your wrist
Step up and check me on that microphone
Completely alone
These flows will put me in the zone
Moving shit like Al Capone
Considering it came out of my dome
I sound fucking mean with this tone!

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