Freundeskreis - All Apologies [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Freundeskreis
Album: Esperanto
Gatunek: Rap, Deutscher Rap

Tekst piosenki

Yeah yeah, FK Squad
Mit meinem Mann Sèkou aka The Ambassador
Für 1999
Und wir haben viel Liebe zu geben
Check it out now
Yo cool drop the verse

[Part I:]
There comes a time in your life you've got to go against the odds
Take pause try to get from small to large
It's all good struggle through and knock on wood
I might not have always done things the way that I should
Nor the way that I could now grow to know how
Keep it on the low focus y'all brothers pow wow
Watch the hour I'm on some next moves for tomorrowStill my suns shine that's how we blossom the flowers
Lost one's on the bottom hardly ever seen light
That's why the spank trouble always starting the fight
Walking up on my boys making noise and shit
Talking 'bout FK how they hate my clique
I never throw fits stay calm never alarmed
That's how I last long keep my life-line in my palm
Yo Don turn the Mic up focus the view
Ambassador write songs the whole world relate to

[Refrain] (2x):
To all my people left behind once I made up my mind
All those who helped me up when I was stuck in a bind
Anyone I might have stepped on chasing these G's
One love one heart all apologies

[Part II:]
Yo I grew up fatherless like most black males
It's like the whole lot of us is programmed to fail
But in the end new beginnings get it started again
God's speed lead your thoughts back to deep within
Keep my feet on the ground watch who lingers around
A lot of hard luck niggas try to get at my crown
But I forgive them send 'em love I know what it's like
Doing shows for no doe and if the ends ain't right
So It's a must we bond and we can all cop this
You do for me I do for you we both top of the list
Wath your stock once you got it then set up shop
Keep your eyes on the clock plus stick to your plot
You may never be a rich star but I know who you are
And that will take you much further than your jewels and your car
We all got a lot to give so take heed to the song
Cause I'm going to live what I say to the day that I'm gone

Yeah yeah
I've come a long way since it startedMaximilian, DJ Friction, The Don (stay strong)

[Part III:]
I took my time wrote it down line for line
Take a look and you'll find truth lies in a wise rhyme
I watch the sky follow signs like the magi
Heard the most high that be the words of my third eye
Spoke with fire lift this bloke out of the mire
Make it known I only quote those I admire
My sole objective to spawn groth and inspire
Move across the globe like a soldier for hire
So long it's for a just cause we can spark to the cypher
Talk politics to the day we spot Elijah
Could have sworn it I saw him rise on the hills of Israel
So reveal your true size and know if it's real
We no longer have to wonder where we got our next meal
The whole squad got stronger now we on even keel
Enough said we could break bread and all get fed
So take it as a compliment and let it go to your head


To all my brethrens ride on
And all my sisters keep shining on
We doing this till the day that we gone
We got love to give for the life we live

Sèkou AmbassadorWe got love to give for the life we live
FK Squad
We got love to give for the life we live
Esperanto-Shit für '99
Liebe geht raus an alle HipHop-Crews
In Deutschland und weltweit
We got love to give for the life we live
That's right
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah

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