George The Poet - I Need (Maverick Sabre Live Lounge version) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: George The Poet
Data wydania: 2013-05-02
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: George The Poet

Tekst piosenki

I'm a man on a mission
So I gotta go ham on the vision
I can't risk screwing it up by not doing enough
I know my mum only excepts the rise to fame if I just aim to do good and exercise the Brain so lemmie con-textualise the game
The longer it took to reach e-mancipation, the move vexed the guys became Guys obtain lethal weapons like teks to rise and aim
Can't get a job so the connect supplies the caine
Social awareness complexifies the pain but the size of ego reflects the size of shame
Now the sisters ain't built like us
They don't sit around and cry over spilt white stuff like us
They just play their part
Use their heads but obey their hearts
Yet we endorse and reinforce the sea of forces that actively held them back
Actually sell them that then leave them to raise that baby and hate them
Act crazy and mayhem while the pictures that we paint in rap alienate them
But the same women that calm down the storm in us
Are the same women that start outperforming us
And through this liberation process there caking but we can't keep up with the progress their making so we fall back
Catch more cases
Sell more of that
Act more racist
A lot of guys would rob me cos I look like them
A lot of black boys are targeted more than shook white men
But not just by them skinheads, I mean there attacked by their own
A lot of the time the same ones selling crack by their home, look a-round, why me? I'm all you have
I'm the one that says "fam" they call you "chav"
We used to kick ball before the hood taught you to only have friends in ends you could walk through
Before you were punching triggers, before you were crunching figures I call you my G's they call you a bunch of..
Nah you don't care about the names they call us cos your copying the famous ballers that came before us
When he's on tv saying he's got more than you, who do you think my mans talking to?
Is it the middle class majority or the working class minorities who first saw him through and still support him too?
He only talks about your life if he's making it hell:
"look I'm taking your girl, and I'm caking aswell"
But you don't seem to mind, you just give him a bly, give him your Grammy, give him your money for living a lie
Give him a round of applause for being down for the cause that keeps us working on the ground in the stores
Clap for this guy he's got thousands of broades, ex-pensive shirts, shoes and trousers of course
No more selling drugs, he don't put his boys into street dangers, he's found a new way to poison complete strangers
See its funny he claims that he's from the hood but he has money and fame so he's gone for good
Now if our main problems economic self-sufficiency how come the ones that call themselves the richest g's don't shout about support and help to lift the streets
Shout about blowing all this wealth on strippers' fees...
Typically when you need support it's we the poor you tend to call so how many of our kids did you send to school?
What did you do for the younger g's in worn out dungarees that emerge from hate and crawl out from disease just to witness the toxic fallout hunger breeds
Not one of these mascots for crack spots have given any schools any laptops you ain't even donated a printer yet
It's like you don't rate peoples intellect, this ain't the stone age, we got Internet
You won't block the public from the truth cuz
You got a budget for the country clubs
Budget for the strip clubs
No proper budget for the youth clubs


Sex and violence are facts of life, so is the need to get your stacks to rise, now I ain't tryna act surprised about the facts of life
I respect real talk about genuine acts of strife, but what I can't respect are so called men leading kids straight to the local Penn when none of them so much as packs a knife
We're living in a world that don't really care for us, you're from the same place, you're supposed to be there for us
The problem is, mandem have forgotten this, mandem make too much money off the rottenness
Mandem like to clap when I talk about stopping this but a lotta this applause is pseudo-populist
No you don't proper wish to view no stop to this, you wanna get saved like we're living in metropolis cos the idea of getting on top of this is too big a feat fam
You ain't no chiropodist
Mandem claim independence but their behaviour's homogeneous
Degrade women cos the wave is misogynist
Spud me and tell me that I'm the guy, let a younger die, then want to cry and wonder why
You wonder why the forsaken won't get no repentance
Co-defendants in golden pendants are gunna hold a sentence over vengeance
Cos you fuel the politics that control the judge
Making it easy for the prosecution to hold a grudge, racism isn't just abuse or a shoulder-budge
Its YOU convincing most of THEM that most of US are no more than tiny brains and shiny chains
Which I'm calling on you to finally change
Cos making notes ain't enough


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