Germ - Husslers N Gangstaz [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Germ
Album: Lake Entertainment Presents: The 41st Side
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Artillery

Tekst piosenki

[Hook] [Artillery] (Germ)
You don't wanna be no hussler, sometimes husslers starve
Gettin' money, we pray that we don't touch you god
(You don't wanna no gangsta, sometimes gangstas bleed)
(And one day you face the day when you're forced to squeeze)
See a nigga turn hussler, (then a hussler turn thug)
A thug turn gangsta when he bust his first slug
(When shit hit the fan) tell me who you gonna trust?
(Just do what you gotta do) do what you must

When you lust the color of green
Schemes with the toast, keep presidental ( ? ) thugs on both knees
Deep in the game and now you're lovin' the coke
Cause it make you wanna stack a quater mill and be ghost
Then get out the ghetto, get out the slums, get out the gutter
Wake up the metal, break up dunns, break up the butter
Makin' 'em stutter, mask up, lookin' for green
Would you call a ( ? ), reach for your dreams
Life is losin', everything is never what it seems
Searchin' for the fiends, it's like a maze to get you the green
Send up the wheel like wild crews, spinnin' the wheel
But lay low and spray high like a raw street deal
Truth of the pen, half these cat ain't usin' thier brain
Bustin for nothin', takin' this struggle and vain
And thier's those who respect, and lovin' this game
Play by code and honor when they dealin' with things


My team is like the Armada comin' through, like a fleet of ships
Guns with clips, it's a color-line between the bloods and crips
Don't avoid the war-zone to save your Private Ryan
Peep around the walls and your top get blown, right if you're afraid of dyin'
Would you froze in a crusial monument
When your peeps needed the ammo the gun down your opponents
Son got slugs in his chest, while your sittin' on the stairs shedin' tears
Actin' like you not knowin', the enemies passed you
You woulden't bust you gun, standin' there lookin' shooked and stunned
Now you're stressin'
Knowin' that the shorty took your man the the essence
When the shit'll bring you, you and the peeps start to restin'
Understand, death will keep pressin'
Can't be dealin' with these cats in the game, we'll floss
Understandin' that thier hands don't be smellin' like yours
Be the same ones, you have with you when you flossin' on tour
Be the main ones, to send thier goons to kick in your door
So you watch who you have with when you're in media circles
Cause in the end, those the ones that gon' hurt you
And the end, those the ones that gon' hurt you


If you got dreams to settle down with a brick
Then you better got it on ( ? ) clips
Get you a Tre-8 a three-pound and watch your chips
Better then a dog and you ain't gotta feed 'em shit
Don't trust no man, never gonna talk to no chick
Same bitches set you up and now they shot in you whip
Don't get 'em, all or nothin', you can't even be miss
The streets ain't a play-ground, squeeze the fifth

I'm in cut like ?Porac-Side?, bubbelin'
Godfellas comin' in, we troublin'
You scarred to let us come out, knowin' we dumb out
When we pull them guns out, you change your whole route
Know what Germ be about, spittin' sixteens, spit the last fuckin' eight
To set the record straight
Controllin' my destiny, I'm kind of scarred to fade
If you cross the wrong path, you get your face ate


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