Ghetto Chilldren - Who's Listening [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Ghetto Chilldren
Album: Do the Math
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Vitamin D
Tekst: Vitamin D, B-Self

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: B-Self]
Many notepads if I so do with paper mechanicals and ballpoints
Trying to reach fellas and chicks at all points
In between the lines of why will I rule
My domain expands with every period and comma
Not Donald or Ivana, but lavish is my castle
A true school graduate while most will wait to turn their tassle
I'm somewhat like Tobasco and a quiet taste of negro's love
Vast is my vocab though, so many heads have I lassoed
Sometimes I think too fast though, leaving minds bewildered
Word playing phrases may get lost by drums and filters
Confusing underclassmen with sophomore and freshmen
Most of which are booty, they find my raps confusing
But our outpost is loosely, never uptight about how I write
And who am I amusing when forming at 3 in the morning
Samples are arranged and truncated, my raps awaited by the program
That be cutting on swoll like codeine
Carefully prepared for ingestion by my subjects
Though other MCs lust them, I force them to go through customs
They complain but it's futile, many quest but few tell
The passive innovations, I'm one of those who do this
No brackets or parameters can hold my grammar cause
It develops faster than polaroid film
I tried to reach the world but since my name ain't [?]
I'll simply tell you stories to bring you up some stories
Above your IQs I hope this ain't by yous
Through desert and [?], my style stays self
Through deserts and [?], my style stays self
Uh, I've got the combination, man

Listen up, listen up, listen up

[Verse 2: Vitamin D]
My thoughts are scribbled, suckers on the sidelines dribble
And [?] of a situation but all your getting's a nibble of
A full up chorus me and my [?] will
So still to give me dap when I come home
I might be clapping when I'm rapping off the top of the dome
I sample the smiles while I get amped on the styles and roam
Through the capsules of my mental
Self-centred pharmacy live and transcendental
We rocking with fundamentals
And we're vast into space
I made a touchdown and danced in your face
While you're punting so stop fronting
It's rapping season I'm back for you [?] so stop hunting
With no ammunition and lower calibre weapon like
We'll take you down, you're half stepping
I sense fear when I get savage like Fred
Have you wondering for years
How I conceived such a formula causing you phoniesness
Only the [?] with me and that nigga B
Some think of we, battle soliloquies and things
You ain't feeling me, physically we got mad [?] ability
A gift that's God given
We sample, fluctuate tones
Chopping up odd rhythms my pineal's open
Yes, I got you scoping but you cannot see through minds of mediocre
My style stays deep
Through west coast stereotypes
Scareotypes (he's just a human)

Listen up, listen up, listen up

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