Godzillest - Quality "CTRL" [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Godzillest
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

If I can be honest, New York needed the fire lit
And since K is high flying now, he had to pilot it
Forget about the Apple’s eye, look at the core of it
New York’s got a story and y’all know what the morale is
Embrace the CONtent instead of being conTENT
Going from big game hunters to being hunted
Rappers looking vulnerable and its apparent
Y’all birthed styles but were deadbeat parents
So then K adopted’em and brought’em home
And 18 years later came back for your dome
Flashing the chrome like rims in some timbs
Dre’s Kevorkian and gave him the syringe
He injected it and watched y’all squirm
Then whispered in your ear, “Now its y’all turn”
And when he said it, you were all heated
But y’all are the reason he and his crew are all eating
So then you want to respond and just diss’em
Instead of analyzing his words, seeing the vision
This is bigger than any offence taken
Reevaluate the song choices that you’re making
Before you go and rap on something that is not you
Before you go and rap about something is not truth
Before you get emotional and run up in the booth
Think about what he was saying, is that you?
Cause if it is, you only got a couple lives left
K. taking cats out like Chinese is on his breath
But hold on East Coast, I got a plan
And you ain’t gotta worry if you just follow my stance
Think back to the golden era, we had this
We were never followers, we were the catalyst
Not leading seems like such a small difference
But dumbing down our sound is what made us all infants
And then we gave the rest a chance to grow up
So if you can’t deliver the goods, they gonna blow up
So East Coast rappers, I’m a tell it real
If its the last thing you do, stop asking for a deal
Trust me, these independents are killing you
And when they raise their stock up, they partnering from a Mill or two
And that’s just good business folk
You can’t be mad, y’all should be taking notes
And one last thing before I leave
Stop giving all of your music away for free
…..I guess a lot of our coldness
Comes from the fact that we’re not used to being owners
Well that needs to change right now
So you can tell these A&Rs to pipe down
….And control your own destiny
So listen close, here’s some of the recipe
If you making free mixtapes raw
Don’t make that one better than the one they pay for
….And just do one, not five
Or eventually you’ll have to do ten, just to survive
…..Now that’s just bad business
You giving away a ton of free samples plus the dishes
But right now, I’m going lead by example
Get ready for My Science, the blogs’ll have a sample
And every three months, you can buy a new song
And rock that until the next one comes along
...So feel free to follow me
On Twitter and life, man I’m an anomaly
So who’s worried about K, not me
East Coast represent, till then God Speed
Its Illest....

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