Gold&Palace8 - The Golden Palace Cypher [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Gold&Palace8
Data wydania: 2015-01-05
Gatunek: R&B

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: The De Leons]
Baby take a look at what we about to do
You don't wanna miss a thang now
Coming live from a couple soulful dudes
Yeah we're gonna shut it down
Slipping if you thinking that we're something light
Yeah, but it's our time
Shoo bi doo doo doo rappa doo doo
Welcome To The Gold&Palace8

[Verse 1: Da Garça]
The best dead or alive from time Homie 
In bed, outside and online Homie 
Cold man with his Machiavelli on 
Going ham so you know I got the Deleons
Shushii, with Deion with Jawn Othello 
I am Raw like what i feed on, sleep on your pillow 
AND I might just, I just might... Wait. Lemme think about it
It's still a wrap either way you try to think about it 
Still a winning boy, Monta Ellis shred 
Living like a single-sided coin, always getting head 
Aiming for the top, so I always take the top off her instead 
Tell me that you get it, 
Tell me that you caught it when i said it
Fruit of love is a girl's fine castle
So why you brag eating from a women's pined apple? 
Huh? Cause we already broke the wall, through the rise and the fall 
Golden Palace 8 Don what's up? 

[Verse 2: Shushii]
Man, everybody wanna be me
Jealousy from north west and blue ivy
Do as I please
I exceed these weaklings
Call out my name
Like I evolved from an eevee
Can't imagine flow hotter than this
'cept fo, when a ho make it burn when you piss
Dare you to list any rapper as competent
To compete with this god you know I'm heaven-sent
Now you getting bent, now you wanna fight
Now you hurt, cause you know this jerk is chillin' with your wife
Now the fists will fly, now I'm asking why
You just wanna cry, cause you know your life will not compare to mine
Jump in quick im blowing up like land mines
Just in time for you to catch my last line
Now rewind I turn jedi from sith
Im a master of time #TweetLikeJadenSmith

[Verse 3: Damon Deion]
Time to rap about nothing again
I'll smother the pen, while clustering sin with brothers again
A ruckus way he stumblin in
Take em to PE, speakers rumble the gym
And i ain't got a badge yet
Your casket's about as gone as the way he last hits
Im in a league of my own, the way i rammus
Past tense, winning's how i grasp it
Next step, plaster the city with my face like it took in too much
I'll keep rapping 'til I'm crooked enough
To be as obtuse as busey's head
Keep the drive going til i indent the fender
Blame it on someone, Get out like what
Chase-chase em down on foot
And now they look
Back at the frown, then book
I catch em
Take em down with a round of hooks
Then shout in their face
"You could take a king but never down a rook"
Walk off into the sunset

[Verse 4: Jawn Othello]
Words of encouragement, while giving people dying hope
Many different sides to me, my mirror is kaleidoscope
I'm finding out the sky's no limitation for elevation and if you think it is you might as well just find a rope

Not the type to do this, but truthfully if you ain't knew this
The scrutiny in my view would go tell you hang out with Judas
This student surpass the rubric the pupil speaking the truest
You crew is so full of squares, confused looking like Rubik's, stupid

Ay, and what I like to do on Saturdays
I like food, women, making music, watching anime
And I'm just living life like the Kardashians knew me
Steady tryna break the internet, Kardashian booty
But, most of y'all do not get me
I am God's GiFt and will go down in history
Simply, I'm the hero that can real quick
Go from Zero to 100 and 50

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