G-therz - Da Hous [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: G-therz
Data wydania: 2015-06-11
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Trihplah H

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: G-therz]
Yeah, uh
G-swagz in

[Bridge: G-therz]
Da Hous, it’s the best
For ones with success
We don’t welcome any guests
And that’s just how we are

[Verse 1: MC K]
It’s now on lockdown
The circus ain’t in town
Plus we are not stupid clowns
You morons are a joke
We’re literally on fire, so can you handle the smoke?
And it’s gonna add heat to this beef
Don’t mess with Gueth, running Holmdel’s three
Who’ll put crackers, bananas, and coconuts killed, into a meal
Because this isn’t the funhouse
Call me crazy and you’ll be put in the nuthouse

[Hook: G-therz](x2)
It’s Da Hous, not yours
Made by Rye G-therz
The Rood Man, who made this plan
To always have this stand

[Verse 2: MC K]
Leave and you can’t come back in, no take backs
Da Hous just parties through the year, we don’t pay tax
Closed windows, bulletproof one-way glass
Each day’s a new thrill, no playback
But just know at the end of every day that
Tomorrow’s gonna be just as laid back
Now I’m in Da Hous with G-swagz making great raps
Bringing every hater plenty of payback
And we do it too, we don’t just say that
We’re spitting the truth in the booth, what we say ain’t whack
No restriction on talents, he lets me play sax
Yo help show the speed racing to the finish line while you’re at the pace lap
Living the good life and for the ones that envy, we made traps
We’re smart and clever, G&T, already 8th grade grads


[Interlude: MC K]
Ayo, listen up
It’s a warning? Yup
Do not mess with the Rood Man, he is the owner of


[Break: Host (G-therz)]
Attention, attention, this is your host here speaking
We have arrived at Da Hous
If you’re not invited, get the fuck out
Otherwise, we have the main act though
Head of Trihplah H, dominating the show
Fuck it, G-therz, let’s go

[Verse 3: G-therz]
Yo, I own my Hous
It’s more than just Rye’s Hous
It’s Da Hous, I did build it
This is my dream, I started to fulfill it
While avoiding liars that pretend
I ain’t trusting ‘em ‘cause they really ain’t my friends
Plus if you dare to mess with my mind, you’re gonna have a hell of a time
Nobody can decipher the brain of mine
Which inside is viewed like a flick that goes so fucking quick
With all these thrills and all these chills
Going up and down like a roller coaster
And now the ride’s coming up with my career, it wasn’t over
Because there’s barely a chance that I’ll quit
This dream isn’t one to fuck with
So you’d better watch your mouth
Might as well stay the fuck away from Da Hous
And if you come through the door, you’ll be seen no more
Which makes da hous seem to you children haunted
And this is what I wanted
With all these projects
Ridiculous content completely complex
While I envision writing raw lines too good for revisions
Without this bitch bitching claiming to be the competition
Telling me that I’m a piece of trash
Wanting me to stop it with these raps
But it’s a hell no to having me collapse
As long as I have Da Hous and always in it
I never step out for a goddamn minute
With all the fuse box power is coming from me
I’m the source powering Da Hous, not with electricity
But with this craziness on the syllable locomotive
It's like deploying bombs then making it all explosive
And in Da Hous, it’s more like a mansion
This ride’s gonna need a space expansion
So go ring the doorbell and I’ll raise more hell
Well, if you step on the front porch, ya
It’s like bad battling you’ve entered except you’ll choke, it’s something like that you’ll get tortured, friend
Just kidding dumbass, we aren’t friends, we never were, so go back to your gay ass trends
At least I have a home
Thanks to the rhymes from the dome
And now it’s time to release the beast, on the east, 3H 2.0
Yeah! fuck you, woah, oh
Uh-huh, all you do is talk some smack, all I did was comeback
So look out to every adversary
I’m back and even more scary
Plus better and bigger, not a fucking wigger
G-swagz in D-A to the H-O-U-S!
The motherfucking best


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