Harvey J - Ain't No Changin' Me [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Harvey J
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

In the hood niggas starvin..
In the hood niggas got no logic/
If you trynna live for a purpose then yo game ain't in common/
Yeah yo name might be polished/
And yo mindstate in college/
But you better keep a burner on you for yo frame get demolished/
Slavery was abolished right? That dont matter tho
Take a look at the crime rate in bull city that shit is radical
The police ain't gotcho back unless you got yo collateral
So pass the dime bag off like mike vick just hit a lateral

Im tired of yall trynna tell me what I is and I ain't
I never claimed to a be a saint but dont try to front on my rank
Like I ain't lived throught the struggle im trynna get the fuck up out this
I dont wanna see no mo pain or anymore guns up on my couches

Im trynna tell you whats real, but you wanna live yo life loosely
Trynna put guns to my head, oh look what you think you lil boosie now?
Man just listen to mama its called the trap for a reason
And even if you pull the trigger then my soul never leavin this where I came from

When I step in the room they know that its me by my prescence
If you a real man then stand tall as a single essense
Yeah this life is a blessin but I dont worship no wealth
I know you rock witcho boys but what can you do by yourself?l
You seein me doin my thang and you think that shit come easy
Yo mouth is talkin that greasy but deep down inside youd be me
If only you had a wish... somebody call in a genie
And even if you had my guccis on you still wouldn't see me
Livin life with no purpose is like callin yo life worthless
Instead of in the pen I wanna see my brothers in churches
Mann Get some write offs, acquire some assets you purchased
Cause if you locked up and pussyless then that shit just ain't worth it
They let these glasses fool em into thinkin I didn't struggle
But God gave me my heart for a reason now its my biggest muscle
Man hug yaself and get tha hate outha soul
The world evil but that dont mean that you hate all ya foes you do better

Corrupted women everywhere man it is not hard to find em
And if you doin yo thang then they pokin holes in yo condoms
Take a breather.. Did I hit close to home?
And if you feelin like that applies to you then you ain't alone
Man I went through all the same shit was on my come up
And all of those who have hated on me look like dumb fucks
It was a dollar a dream and some luck that came with it
If you commited you get it middle finga to those who quited
I'mma do it for the team for the team that represent me
Big crosses on my neck you would think that heaven sent me
Yeah, yeah..
Lucifer my gun is loaded
Throw a grenade down your throat and let your asophagus hold it..exploded
Free my hood from yo grip
My souls still intact and you might wear yours on yo hip but we all in the same... Its not to late to stop the evil..
Lord, im prayin everyday you save my people

Ehhh ehh ehh ehh

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