Heir Jordan Music - Serial Killer [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Heir Jordan Music
Album: The All Nighter (Mixtape)
Data wydania: 2015-05-28
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Space$nake
Tekst: Heir Jordan Music

Tekst piosenki

'Bout to murder some shit with my own motherfucking beat

[Verse 1]
It's like a prophecy
Honestly, ain't nobody stopping me
Picture me boxing three kickboxers
Knocking they socks off
Have them blind so they have to walk around with binoculars
I'm often your murderous serial killer
With no pain, taking killers and grilling them
Tripping over bodies I oxied and beat blue and black with hockey sticks
You're next if I can't watch some chick flicks on your Netflix, bitch
What the fuck you think this is, a game?
I'ma show you no animal's tame when I bend you over my machete blade up
Pull up and make your family fucking hate us
They say "You think we're playing."
I told my lawyer "Tell them get they game up."
I'm a deranged fuck who nuts at the site of murder cause I'm nuts
I might fuck your life up
If I beat you to the punch
Or rather beat the fuck out of you with O.J's glove
Hateful inside, I'll snap the neck of a dove
In love? I'll show up at your wedding then leave a bunch of human confetti
Turn it into a funeral right before I piss on the dead like a urinal
Waiting for the government to say "You're in national trouble."
So I can say "You couldn't kill me, half or double."
So rebuttal, repent and prevent the trouble
I'm strong enough to drown you in puddles
A lover? Fuck no
But I'll tell you when I cut off a bitches head and feed it to my dog, I love her
A rottweiler, a non smiler, a crotch biter
Make you remember days brighter
But maybe too bright, you asked for a lighter
You get flamed and torched
I scorch the mic when I make my approach
So give me a toast before I leave you well done like roast

Fucking bitch, suck a dick
But just wait a minute, I'm not fucking done

[Verse 2]
Last week a bitch was warned by me to flee the country
Stupid cunty woman didn't listen
Now my knife's itching to do a little etch-a-sketching
More than skin deep, I guess I'm looking for inner beauty
And I'm bound to find it truly
A noobie would slowly cut deep as quick as can be
But I'm all for making my victims suffer
A motherfucker to refuse offerings unless it revolves your coffin
So I grab this bitch by her throat, cut slow
Tell them "I'm sought after, you know?"
The cops spend a lot of dough just to find me though they never will
I plot to kill so my next seeker becomes my meal
I'm the predator who preys on predators
I'll grab a redditor by his perm
Shove a steak in his face and show the permanent damage
I guess I'm slightly savage
Anger above average
I guess I have ADD times 300
But honestly, I'm loving it
Find a McDonalds employee who asks for a fee
Just to get my Mac with cheese
And glue her head to the fucking street
Watch her suffer and scream
And I get in my car and start driving with speed
I know she sees me coming, starts balling
But now her head's all over the fucking street
I guess she had a streak
It went from here all the way down to 80 feet
Just look and see
But watch it, you might be my next victim
And maybe this week
You never fucking know with me
You might fucking be dead this week

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