Hopsin & SwizZz - Lucifer Effect [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Hopsin & SwizZz
Album: Haywire
Data wydania: 2012-05-08
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Hopsin

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: SwizZz]
What if I told you I was crazy?
Or a bit strange? Would you believe me?
Or what if I told you it was you that have breached the boundaries of reality?
And it is I who is perfectly sane, Hah!

[Hook: SwizZz]
I'm trapped in a world that I don't want to be in but I know that there's no way out
It burns inside every time I rhyme, but there's no way out (No way out)
My brain is not insane but I'm insane if you know what I'm saying (Lucifer!)
I swear this is not my fault

[Verse 1: SwizZz]
In this game we call hip hop everything's twisted
You rap about drugs and guns and people listen
You mention how you flossing your whip and how you dip it
And your biggest vices become their addiction
Why? Who knows, but you gotta supply it
You gotta provide it because you know they'll buy it
They don't like the good, they're in love with the bad side
Like how many niggas you done clapped last night
And how many chicks you hit from the back side
How many kis do you need to get your cash right?
I guess crime pays these days, so don't get upset when I talk this way
I'mma say whatever I want, whenever I want, to whoever I want, these are just my devilish thoughts
I'm not looking for salvation, I'm just a really good person in a fucked up situation


[Verse 2: Hopsin]
If it's not yours, whose fault is it?
My brain's a nice home with a rude dog in it
Yea I had a couple of rules, the rules all bended
When I shake my head can't you hear the screws lost in it?
I done spent years working on this new raw image
Tightening up my sinister groove ya'll witnessed
As time goes on I get much stupider
And yes, I guess I'm just a product of the Lucifer effect
Because all these rappers out now are way too cocky
So I have to do this shit I do to make you watch me
And if you wack with a record deal I think you robbed me
So will Hopsin come and break you? Probably
There's been enough beef up in this industry but shit I'm bout to make more
It's what I threw my life away for
And those of you who killed hip hop caused this shit
Now I'm bout to merc you on the track and off of it


[Verse 3: SwizZz & Hopsin]
This ain't my fault, hip hop made me do it
Lose it, now my whole fucking life is ruined
Hold up, just because you don't do the same shit they do
You wanna break rules, and run around trying to blame who?
Me? Hip hop? I fucking tried to save you
Now your acting like I never even tried to
Oh, so you're that nigga hip-hop?
I should bomb on you, you should get your fucking shit knocked (Shi-et)
You're the reason why my album won't drop
You're the reason why I never ever was hot
Don't blame me cause you ain't hot (Man!)
You don't know how the new age rocks
And your label isn't dropping you cause there's a chance that you may flop
I'd actually be really surprised if you made guap up in this industry
See now motherfucker you're kidding me
Your opinion really doesn't mean shit to me (Shut tha fuck up!)
Because I could merc any beat on any day
Rumor has it that your ass is dead anyway
For saying that you deserve to die
We got Soulja Boy, Tyga, Young Berg and Plies
Shawty Low, Bow Wow, Yung Joc and the rest
You think I'm dead? I should put a hole in your chest, bitch
Come on hip hop they aren't real rappers
They're entertainers, actors, pure laughter
I think I got this shit mastered
You thinking differently then you got this shit backwards
Then if I got this shit backwards Then all of the above
Will be irrelevant to you trying too hard to be a thug
You trying to blame me for shit that I didn't do?
Maybe this game isn't meant for you
It may be true, but hey I really don't give a shit
Far as I know you're dead, live with it


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