Imperfect Mythos - Warm August Morning [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Imperfect Mythos
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I'm Jack Day that still doesn't sync
With visions had him on deaths brink
God made mistake my path I think
Watching own internal logic shrink

Through my skin into on-line voices
About me everybody else's choices
Don't match the received noises
Accomplish of which they all rejoices

Buzzing inside of what little's left
Someone else's life think I theft
Stupid karma that I've amassed
Truth is I constantly think of death

Wake up picture an angelic female
Who I've talked to but in little detail
Weigh'd heart on kemet karma scale
Became a victim to my own betrayal

Damn it my 'friends' borderline evil
But sadly they are the only people
Who treat me as if an actual equal
And not just an object of pitiful

Placement inside box stuck inside
When it comes to being despised
But even if social standing revived
The fact I'm not me still's survived

I feel like soon my mind'll melt
At least a couple years I've felt
As if I should be somebody else
Since tried hang self with fathers belt

In bathroom pre curriculum of hell
Delusions of un-grandeur I detail
I am the rust in kindness's chain mail
Can't figure out how to lift the veil

So sorry for the things I never did
Under this persona I dream to rid

Often I feel failings my purpose
My time feel fucking worthless
Single the sheep that the herd lost
Archaeologists can't unearth this

Real person that the mind forgot
So I think of you when picking a lilac
Cause you're accepted and not fought
And that makes you everything I'm not

I journeyed past misunderstanding
Of technocracy inflicted branding
Respect something now demanding
Though glares that were damning

Each time I feel like I can grasp it
They take my success and blast it
My common errors can't get past it
My false demeanour cannot mask it

Hard for me to be positive to people
Maybe I should stop staring as equal
Hypnosis applied to the sheeple
This despised behaviour forever forever in my recall

Can't describe how it sharpened my senses
But I know my sanity glasses need new lenses
During this sensation my fist slowly clenches
Agony present in past present future tenses

Ever felt an invisible bug scale your spinal
Chord and felt as if this could be the final
Straw that broke the back of the rhino
It's in my ears, my brain and all of my vinyl

Maybe depression born or self destruction
Notice how my secret sinner self's eruption
Represents each time I got a concussion
What's it like not being a burden or corruption

Within as the shock leaves on a crucifix
Where onto last visages of my sanity affix
What if it's an allergy and minds playing tricks
My life's ending soon what the lucid one's predict

After my first failure it reoccurred
Every time my madman stirred
Attempt to leave old me murdered
From the negative slurs inferred

From formerly known as targets envy
Written when I was scared to emcee
My tongue slipped often carelessly
This is the help not got from therapy

Tired of only living for other abuse
Wish I'd either succeed to recluse
Or managed to succeed tying noose
And recanted to put destiny to use

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