Imperfect Mythos - Tear Apart [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Imperfect Mythos
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Moved eons ago never unpacked
When're try become sidetracked
On my real home hundreds miles away
Outcast by what the others say

Ever since I fell in love with hate
Reality became hard to escape
Take a bathroom break to clear my head
Swear this desk'll be my deathbed

Failing basic tasks success elusive
But I'm smart enough to admit I'm stupid
My sanity is a house of cards falling
Every so often hear voices calling

I can see them, their happiness
Only enhances my crabbiness
Rotting away acting all aloof
Presented lies as if the truth

Weaving together cosmic thread
Retrain accept incoming dread
Death aligns with the cosmic
Cancerous cares a promised

Called my fathers spitting image
The similarities eerily vivid
By the time you codify concept
I'll already found your lies connect

My mirror is broken from fatal
Desire to recreate every fable
I resided in during decades
Prior to psyche being loaded grenade

People hate me fore I even speak
Tell me that wouldn't make you weak
Occasion wish died in that accident
Then won't be an embarrassment

But I more often wanna kill em
This point no clue who's the villain
Me, them, some else entirely
Trapped in happiness sobriety

I pretend I don't give a fuck, lying
Wanna be accepting but finding
Blueprints to societal respect
Difficult in hands of societal reject

Bound my hands together
Mood syncs with stormy weather
Claim I'm atheist but pray at times
What they did to me should be crime

My reflection feels like another's
Roll windows shut eye's cover
I related to animals over humans
Maybe this's cruel show like Truman

I do something dumb, lose friends
Regret it and then do it again
I was a victim before it was the trend
On others briefly grow to depend

If god exists he has sick sense of humour
Evil is proven and good's a rumour
I swear from body and the mind
If I die it'll be before my time

Reality's a lie we all hold residence
Know it's wrong but need evidence
But I notify the paper hearts
A shredder makes them tear apart

Tired off being pawn in their game
Of chess it's bordering on insane
Locusts devour my whole body
Humanity decreed me an oddity

Death is fun for the whole family
Unexplained hatred commonality
Which binds me to this fate
Operation on my psyche it undertake

Dropped my body into boiling water
Now you don't get benefit of slaughter
Hear accept as your final wish
Presentation of self destruction as gift

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