Incise - Paving the Way [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Incise
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Incise

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Kick off my sheets, the summer heat’s got me sweating
Turn up this beat, help me ease with the stressing
Open up the blinds, realized that I’m blessed with life
Bright future in sight
When I stand on the balcony, looking in the distance
Never hanging on the fence, drowning in suspense
Not tense, at what expense do we swim in the substance that we can’t see love with
Love this, air I breathe
Hang with good peeps, that’s what I need
Imbibe with hip hop heads is what I feed on
A real song comes from the heart, never be gone
With the wind coming out the mountain top
Pacific breeze on my feet, taking off my socks
At the beach, as the tide rolls into the land
I see life as a grain of sand, damn

You don’t have to wait for the wind to take you away
They say it’s never too late, if you’re needing a change
There’s nothing to lose if there’s nothing to gain
Just start paving the way, before you start fading away

[Verse 2]
You know how the youngin’s out of London do
Coming through with another tune from the heart it ain’t nothing new
From the crew okay city they love to do
I live to rhyme but when the when the times isn’t butter smooth
Hustling and make a buck or two under huge stress
Trying not to catch a bullet in your bubble goose
Up at noon with your big heart crushed in two
Cause you love your boo, but she ain’t loving you
Single mother’s trying to trust a dude
And keep food in the cupboard plus she kid got the stomach flu
The other two’s messing up at school
And you jumping through a bunch of hoops at work so they don’t cut you loose
It’s just the truth, sometimes there isn’t much that you
Can do about it besides, try to adjust the view
And see above the blues
I know it’s tough to do, at times
So we try and bring up the mood like


[Verse 3]
Here’s the recipe for classic, it’s a smash hit
Down to earth, real life’s so full of magic
Mics to see in acid as life itself
But it’s tragic when his casket reflects what I felt
God help, I know you’re there following me
Cuz my faith is the evidence of things unseen
I had a dream I saw my dad telling me that he’s proud
His death has finally hit me, and it’s been 10 years now
Wow, it’s funny how these obstacles complicate and dominate
The rough, rugged, and raw road we choose travel
Battle through dimensions touching catches of luck
Keep looking up, sometimes it feels like too much
I clench my fist in anger where the happiness keeps me full
The artist is the matador, and the industry’s the bull
My stomach’s full, i’m pulling out, that last one made an ulcer
Throw it out, and look at life
It’s time to rock a concert


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