Incise - Scorpion Tail [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Incise
Album: Nobody's Story
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Here’s a tale of a Scorpion who leaves its native lands on a mission.

[Verse 1]
It was a long fall, it was hard
My mission from Mars would fall short with a couple battle scars
A Scorpion against the Ram, who would think I’d stand a chance?
Before I get into my battle stance, take a glance
Now she the ruler of courage that likes adventure
It’s how she suit to be nourished
But her temper and her sense of being selfish was a burden
I couldn’t handle it, I started working toward
A different approach, she hates opposition
And she was wilding, she can’t stop silence
So I was smiling when she threw her diamond at me
She hates waiting, therefore for Heaven said Nathan
She wanna start fresh and lead the way
What a humdinger, had to stun her with the stinger
The rain fell and then I fell for a couple of twins
With wool fur for the Mercury wind (Gemini)

So a Scorpion and Wolf at the mercy of men
We’re too different, we knew that it would come to an end
At the beginning she said that my intensity was strong
And too bright, started getting frightened by the light
She’s superficial, she likes to follow things in life
So absurd to me, I told her I was leaving Mercury
She said don’t leave me alone, I never liked being lonely
Can you consider me a tenderoni?
I said I’m hip to your game, life ain’t the same as that
I find dice as as a game of crap
Besides you fret too much and such swing in your mood
Has my tail facing toward the Moon
Certain I would find love soon, I embarked on a mission at night
The pale planet shines light on the Earth (Cancer)

Felt magic in her crab leg and we stuck
We made love so never did we *fuck*
Hand-in-hand, really we prance, a fairytale match
Far beyond the simple romance
The only thing I couldn’t dig was her cling to my mind
And my body plus she liked to party
She had a fantasy gripe she tried to make a part of life
My grip upon reality was trife to her
I felt bad, I was mean when I told her it’s a dream
I was too scared to settle as a teen
I’m gone, thinking to myself did I mean it?
I was leaving, set my feet upon the planet Venus
It was instant, magnetically attraction had a pull
I’m being honest, I ain’t talking bull (Taurus)

Her reliability was super yo
Never too freaky so I know she ain’t a super ho
Very loyal, beauty was exquisite
But she was jealous and possessive so I had to ditch it
Therefore I ought to run for the border
On my journey there I met the carrier of water
Gave her the elevator look, she stayed cautious
And distant, stinger slaughtered her within an instant
My vibe said she was nefarious and mystic
So I waved goodbye to Miss Aquarius and dipped quick
Now the scorpion was back up on the prowl
I was walking toward the sun when I heard a lion growl (Leo)

She was pompous, arrogant, and cheap
But she had a fly crib that was bordering the beach
Lavish, known for having trips up ?
So I’m keen with approach, steady with the speed
I got close, now I see a little clearer
She so vain, probably betray me for a mirror
She was putting on her makeup like a ? when I met her
Woman that was represented by the goat
We spent a long time together
Even though we had a difficulty talking about our feelings
As you know, professional, serious, hard-working woman
Who was looking for stability, determined with her movement (Capricorn)

She was organizing every little step
You could see her back away a little when I was intense
That was whack, I knew it wasn’t just an act
She didn’t want the ring I gave her so she gave it back
I took it, left the next morning, I was nervous
Passing Mercury I met the daughter of a virgin
Healthy with the food, creative and in tune
With the wisdom, both pointing fingers at the system (Virgo)

So meticulous, a perfectionist at heart especially when it comes to art
We fit together like a puzzle, it was magical
Came to the conclusion we were really too compatible
You should see us when we put together talents
It’s a sight, promotes a memory that’s everlasting
Now I’mma jump into the one that’s diplomatic
Represented by the warning, only scale of balance (Libra)

Jesus, I am much more than any other sign
Can’t be greedy with her cause she really likes to wine and dine
When I’m down an alley yo she knows what’s on my mind
Kinda scary like she’s almost psychically inclined
It was new to me, I learned about it through some news to me
Meantime, tomfoolery was borderline on promiscuity
Very gullible, easily influenced
I told her she was better off without me till she knew it
I couldn’t leave, Sagittarius was shooting arrows
But the scorpion was down for battle
She was steady aiming at me sitting on the saddle
We never got along, the tolerance was always narrow
So I surrender, walking out with white flags
Till I’m close enough to only sting her on her right calf
Fell flat, she thought I was weak but it was pseudo
Now I got a long way to travel back to Pluto
I’m getting tired, I know I’ll need some rest soon
So I check into a teddy when I get to Neptune (Pisces)

Now she’s a looker, let me tell you about this
Fish, beautiful, and intelligent
Classy, crafty with the art, she’s a poet
But passionate, secretive, sultry, she knows it
Very intimate, she’s romantically inclined
Breaking out the candles, pouring out a glass of wine
Asking all the questions to get inside my mind
And I like that, stability will take time
Live in solidarity, always likes to dream too
Escape into a world her imagination makes
I took a taste, I was steady with the haste
It was lovely, felt the spirit hover up above me
I had to grin, I was busting at the seams
Cause the Scorpion king found himself a Pisces queen

You’re so beautiful, you’re so beautiful, you’re so beautiful, you’re so beautiful

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