Infamous Mobb - We Strive [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Infamous Mobb
Album: Special Edition
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Chorus: G.O.D. - repeat 2X]
We never had none, now that we got some
Everybody want's piece of our lump sum
We strive to reach a million-dollar year income
A few hundred thousand a year already been done

My big gun bright shots that'll blow your top
Like scared when you hear the loud sound
Frowns get broken down niggas ain't wild
Your life on my foul fit to take you out
It ain't safe dunn so I stay with the space gun
Ready to waste one, yours or mines
Loose dimes in my ass, used to pump for mine
Dump for mine, now I mix rap with crime
Walk the fine line the 41st side of my bloodline
My veins swell my bank well, the fuck you thought
You should not rock, take mine we can tap jaws
Youse a snake nigga sneaky wanna be me... my dick hard
You get scarred deep stomp through the concrete
The timbs on my feet been walk these streets
I'm a make ends meat while you sleep
Infamous M-O-B-B deep we all QB

[Ty Knitty]
Look here yo we started from the slums and things
Now we moved on got an ill team
Now we got income niggas wanna get at some
Niggas can't get none, take a step ahead cats be fed up
Take a steps back niggas like that
Yo I pray for the best that we all gon(na) pop off
Just waiting for the right time so we can just take off
Plenty obstacles to avoid, niggas pushing big toys
Everybody want piece of the lump sum
Everybody can't get none due to the fact
We worked for that, yo we worked for our plaques
Spaz out on cats, "Infamous minded"
Disarm you, your gun you can't find it
Time can be rewinded, fuck being one track minded
This the way it go, it's our time we got to blow


Yo it's fucked up little niggas just was in school
Now they on the block scheming on your jewels
God what's this world coming to
Still love them niggas, I can't knock their hustle
They going the struggle to survive and stay alive
Dunn I did the same thing
Pumping cracks to the early morning
With a fucking warren, now we touring across the states
It's the realest of the infamous all in your face
With big guns ready to kill something at anytime
It's kind of fucked up my brother got four to nine
When he come home best believe he gon(na) shine
Without pumping dimes once in his life
We got an opportunity to grab and the shit is alright
We got to keep it tight between each other, that's how it supposed to be
But niggas is grimy, stay fucking trying me and eyeing me
Until I get the iron G

[Ty Maxx]
You want trouble kid
I heard enough of y'all thugs talking what you bid
Maintain dunn shit is real where we live
Everywhere we go ain't the same as the bridge
I been through projects and broke times and broke friends
It didn't mix sit back watch the world spin
Too bad you couldn't look to see the world end
You couldn't look, from here all you seen was crooks
Doing jooks, sticking up places running through malls
Pulling out tools for the jewels and stores
Almost lost my mind couldn't stop my riches
I've been thugging for years, catching my mama's tears
Eye to eyes son only prize help me survive
The street struggle and thank God for you
You're my number one jewel and that's why I love you

[Chorus] - repeat until fade

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