Inner City Posse (D-Lyrical and Violent J) - Gangsta Codes [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Tekst piosenki

* later known as the Insane Clown Posse

It was a Saturday Night and I was lookin for fun
So goin fellas we gonna bash the re-run
Of the posse so I decided to go
With Nate the Mack and his old ass old's
Roalin through the ally's, we never take main roads
Cuz we follow Gangsta Codes
Commin up to Marshal, at a light
Some punks behind use kicked on they brights
They ran out there car and wouldn't ya know
Dumb fuckers just smashed out the back window
Yellin some shit about Fuck Delray
Jumped back in there car and tried to get away
We lost 'em off Camble but thats ok
Cuz I know were these fuckers stay
And you can bet it sure was bouncin and fun
I'ma chew his ass up like bubble yum
Walked to the front door but it was locked
So I played it cool and I nocked
And they opend the door and looked out
And thats when they caught a beer bottle in the mouth
Lady ran out the back door probably his mother
They slamed the bitch, with a Lewy Ville Slugger
Hit 'em house harder it makes sence
You fuck with Violent J and it's your village expence
No feelings for others, you gotta be cold
Cuz we follow gangsta codes
I was younger, and I met a fine lady
I never give time to a bitch with dimples maybe
I met during a concert at the atitude
She said Up on stage, was that you?
I said, yeah how'd ya like my show?
Great Violent J can I call ya Joe?
I said can we go back to my place I wonder?
Then I fucked her like a Jungle Semowen Head Hunter
I had it goin, my love was flowin
But after 2 months things started slowin
Down I thought she might of been crawlin around
So I went to a school on the rich side of town
I hawked a scope through the class room window
Looked in and saw the fuckin bimbo
Was holdin hands with some rich fool
I'ma KILL his ass but not in school
I'ma call up the boys and when the bell hits 3
I'ma stomp his fuckin head on the concreate
They walked out, chit chatterd about the weather
Then I ran up and slamed there fuckin heads together
ICP kicks them around like a hacky sac
It's for the girl Violent J she gets more then a smack
To make sure she don't fuck around with guys no more
I put her in a figure four
Never say your sorry make your ass see the rules, bitch
I follow gangsta codes
Never forget the first time I had a gun
It was a 22 Its hot under the sun
One day I was at Kid Villians girl friend
I said I gotta take a piss she said go right in
Instead of the bathroom I went through another door
And found a 22 in her daddy's drawer
I punched in a course and I was geeked as hell
Along with a few other items I could sell
Kid fucked, fucked it's time to go
But on the way home all's I had to know
If it worked or not, so I took aim at a stray dog
And I blew out it's brains it was fresh as hell
I couldn't wait to shoot
Some dumb bitch or a prostetute
Delray cafe can establish business
All of the costumers were about to witness
An armed robery out for the cash flow
Atleast 500 and a bottle of Faygo
Walked in and said, I'd like a hamburger
A large frie and your cash in the register
I pulled out the gun that I was proud to have
She was terrified but the guys in the back
Must of knew some day this would happen
Cuz they had 2 shot gunz and an AK-47
I looked at my gun and the Mexicans weapons
I looked at the door and I started half steppin
Out but it really doesn't matter I supose
Cuz I still follow Gangsta Codes
D-Lyrical to annivers the Gangsta Codes
Thats the lonely follow only in roads
Choasen path with the pun we had taken
I thought so quick theres no time for shaken
And thats what J was here to say
For the Spanish tribe that follows Do you comprende others do you understand
Well grip the words that I'm givin at hand
Take this as a guide and persue this disclosure
Cuz I be the real thing and thats why you flows
For those that don't follow don't be a sucker off the street
Just another justice is what you'll meet
Skip one on the passage and one I wrote
Take this as a message and follow Gangsta Codes
2 Dope Follow Gangsta Codes
7 Up Follow Gangsta Codes
Nate The Mack Follow Gangsta Codes
Lay Low Follow Gangsta Codes
Rude Boy Follow Gangsta Codes
Charlie T Follow Gangsta Codes
Don Juan Follow Gangsta Codes
Kid Villian Follow Gangsta Codes
D-Lyrical Follow Gangsta Codes
Q-Tip Follow Gangsta Codes
Juan Follow Gangsta Codes
Andrew Follow Gangsta Codes
MC Bruce Lee Follow Gangsta Codes
Iron Ranger Follow Gangsta Codes
Paul D Follow Gangsta Codes
John Rock Follow Gangsta Codes
And the back seat counter is in full effect BOY
My man J Follow Gangsta Codes
My man J.P. Follow Gangsta Codes
My Man Jerry Follow Gangsta Codes
Can't forget about Ryan he Follow Gangsta Codes
Sam, the Man Follow Gangsta Codes
Pimp Daddy D Follow Gangsta Codes
Michael Queery Follow Gangsta Codes
Pumpkin Follow Gangsta Codes
Jeff Follow Gangsta Codes
Inner City Posse, southwest detroit
Funny thing is, every motha fuckin resident
Follow Gangsta Codes

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