Inner City Posse (D-Lyrical and Violent J) - The Wizard of Delray [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Tekst piosenki

* later known as the Insane Clown Posse

Aww shit homeboy you shoulda seen me
Drunk at the party drinkin 5th of M.D
Cold passed out on my homeboy's crib
Curled up on the floor like a motha fuckin kid
Dreamen I was drinkin some Faygo
In my dorm house and here comes a tornado
The crib goes up spinnin round and round
Then BAM i just landed ground
Walked out the house seen the yellow brick road
Up walks a little pimp with a can and some gold
Nugget rings, gold teeth and a cup of 8 ball
And only 3 feet tall
He said welcome and greedings to your new land Joe
I said who the fuck are you Sky Lolo?
He said I'm a pimp a player a baller and yo
To get out of here you walk the yellow brick road
By the way homeboy you got a murder rep
Pointed down at the house and my head just sat
I crushed the witch all I saw was a freak
She had a fresh pair of pumps on lookin oh so sweet
I grabed the midget by his throat and checked in his gat
Slaped 'em in the eye and said I'm the mack
Checked on the witches pumps and said I'm on my way
My name ain't Dorathy yo it's Violent J
If the wizards guards don't let me pass
I'ma stick my size 10 boot in they ass
Walkin down yellow brick singin Yo Crime Pays
Came to a part in the road and a half and a gage
In the field I saw a god damn scare crow
I ain't playin no games tell my ass were to go
He said hold up motha fucka it ain't about all that
I ain't scary bitch my names Nate The Mack
I got a mossburg underneath my straw
We can buck 2 pucko he's a god damn jaw
Yo homeboy this place ain't a joint
This crazy ass belongs with me in Detroit
He said Scare Crow Mack I don't really care
Like big daddy cane I'll take you there
So we sat down chillin on yellow brick
Talkin about all the bitches that sucked our dick
Later down the road I said God damn!
I saw a fuckin tin man
I said suit cans scrap metal and coral
I'ma crumble your ass like aluminum foil
Unless you take me to the wizard so I can go home G
Damn Tin Man had a gat pointed at me
I'll team with 2 Dope and I'll fuck you up
Figure I'll pull the trigger and your casket shut
I said bring your tin can ass with us
Me and Scare Crow Mack will stick to the bus
A cap in the Wizards ass
Come to Detroit and make plenty of cash
Commin up to the forest me and my 2 boys
Like in the movie we was singin that noise
Hoods and Hoodlums and Theives oh my
Hoods and Hoodlums and Theives oh my
Hoods and Hoodlums and Theives oh my
I'ma blacked someone's eye
If I get jumped in the fuckin jungle
Cuz if someone rushes me, we gonna rumble
Then a fuckin lion jumped on Nate The Mack
Tried to eat his ass like he was Nate The Snack
The Lion pulled out a gat and said drop your walletes
You wanna spark homeboy you eatin bullets
My name is Lavel Lion then he started crien
Slip once and all ya motha fuckas are diein
Chill you god damn buck tooth ass hoe
Don't rob us G rob a liquar store
In Detroit Delray southwest city
Cuz know livin in these woods are shity
Come with us, we'll take ya to Delray
You can rob motha fuckas every god damn day
Shit finally we was at the castle
And with there guards we got no hastle
Strap like Al Capone started bustin out the holes
Droped them all, like domino's
We found some big doors so we kicked 'em in
And thats when we seen my Wizard friend
I said take my ass home and he started to laugh
So I shot his pompus show magical ass
Boom boom boom, the mutha fucka dropped
Before I stepped to 'em make sure my gun was cocked
We found a set of key's layin beside him
They went to his truck and we was low ridin
Back to Detroit like MOJO
Fucked his ass up and we forgot about toto
Bang woke up drunk as hell
Stumbled over to Rude Boy
Before I started to tell My story
Then I let it pass
Cuz I know he'll laugh at my drunk ass

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