Jab - 47 Embroidery [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jab
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Nico Fazio

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Tekst piosenki

Produced by Nico Fazio (info about the beat)

[Verse 1: Jab]
47 patches on the left past shoulder
Put it on our bikes riding till the whole pack it over
Overflowin' potholes Brooklyn made me a snot nose
Shout out to A La $ole but my nigga we too cold
Suckers step to the plate, freezing when they play the tape
I'm the type of nigga to let you stay but you can't have my place
Real niggas here to stay, sorry we're outer space
Riding spaceships looking for the cows on a steady pace
Making new scenarios labels copy and paste
Don't try to blame me as your get-a-way
Cause your mind, everything you create can easily be achieved
Put a little concentrate, on the blow like fuck tho
Pussy so wet what you think I got my bucket for?
Thousand on these hoes you know everything must go
No discounts a nigga paid stop shelf
You don't like it keep it pushing I dont need your help
47, It ain't over man
Yeah we run it lowkey, represent the OGs
Who can't do it no more cause they vision kinda blurry
Fake niggas that make it, and punk niggas that take it
Where that leave me? Shit, a lil nigga tryna escape it
Real niggas still thinking, let me rock it dumb it down shit
Calm me down I guarantee there no more holy ground
47 Holy ground south fuck is going round
This the last round and I guarantee you that

[Verse 2: Dirty Sanchez]
Yo, first we killed a 6 pack then probably splatter your abs
I'm back in the lab, yikes my stripes earned like the american flag
Land of the free, So why the fuck I'm still in the trap?
Well well now, will you listen to that
In this world that I live in yo, I can't even trust my own fam
Ripping off they own flesh like I'm just an old scab
It's sad these savages scum throw em in the bag body of course
And body the force, proof points just to settle the score
They can't see me but my 3rd eye enlarged
I'm down to earth though, I'm hotter than cores
Solar Plexus I'm lying alone listen to me raw

[Verse 3: Rokamouth]
Load up the chopper pop a rocker here to stop you from blocking my chakaras
Spitting sizzling hot lava so proper
I'm heating the shotters to knock you quicker than coppers
And pull off all of my partners nothing new katanas we have it all
What you want it already it count it plummet your stomachs
Won't even run over love it
We been gun thuggin' fuck buzzin'
We straight muggin' upon tracks
Fall back you wack attacks ain't rap
You piece of crap, rap motherfuckins done forgot how to act

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