Jabbar Hakeem - Classic [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jabbar Hakeem
Data wydania: 2015-06-16
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Jabbar Hakeem]
You already know what it is
I had to take it way, way back on you niggas
I don't think they ready for this switch up right here
But I'm a talk to 'em real quick
Ayo Sule, what's poppin', nigga

[Verse 1: Jabbar Hakeem]
I said this rap is trying to sell a gimmick, I'm not buying it
I'm arguably one of the illest, there's no denying it
I'll kill 'em with the raps, so the comedy make 'em have 'em acknowledge me
First they hate, then the ask for apologies
I'm forever winning simply cause I flow so real
I'm never tripping, you would think that I don't go nowhere
But I get out a lot
You probably stay up in the house a lot
You ain't about that action, you chatting, you run your mouth a lot
I'm sounding like a mixture of Biggie, Hov, and an ounce of Pac
Forget the opposition, I murder the competition
I got bars for life, but this is not a prison
Flow so hot that deaf people even gotta listen
Everybody wondering why I'm not signed
I'm doing fine independent, I be on my grind
My music still doing numbers and I'm still on Vine
I'm in the club, V.I.P., while you still online
It's cause I'm in a different lane, I had to distance myself
You the type to ask for it, I go get it myself
I like to tell it how it is, that's why I make enemies
Cause how you gon' be a real nigga with fake tendencies

[Break: Jabbar Hakeem]
Ayo, hold on, hold on, hold on
Let me--let me get that joint back real quick
Yo, look

[Verse 2: Jabbar Hakeem]
Said I'm keeping it 100, I be speaking the truth
My freestyle game strong, I don't need me a booth
But when I hit the studio, you know I'm making a hit
I'm getting cheese on cam like I'm taking a pic
Y'all making me sick
Straight to my stomach, it's so disgusting
The flows that I'm coming up with, the greatest, it's no discussion
They loving the way I does it, or better yet, do's it
I'm a funny ass nigga, but I'm nice with the music
And my rhymes be the coolest, it's crazy, I'm still lyrical
Might catch the Holy Ghost when I rap, it'll turns spiritual
My flow so deadly, sharp like machetes, I hope you ready
I be fucking up your dream, like I'm Freddy, shout out to Fetty Wap
I'm getting cake like Betty Crock
Rap skills ready rock
Crack flow, your rap flow is Hasbro, all games
I'm looking at your circle, only thing I see is all lays
Y'all lukewarm, I'm really on fire, that's what I call flames
And I be grinding, I'm tired of dealing with small change
I'm swinging for the fences, get a hit, then it's a ball game
I'm the best in fact
They think the instrumental sneezed caused I blessed this track
See, I be fresher than Febreze when I'm dressed in black
But when I'm in that all white, I be feeling like Jesus
Christ, I'm so nice, it's hard to believe this
I started from the bottom, I had to get to climbing
And I'm rocking with this pressure til I turned it into diamonds
I'm surrounded by real niggas, I keep 'em close to me
I be laughing at y'all niggas cause y'all jokes to me
Yeah, the wait's over, the face of the game need a makeover
I think it's time for the takeover
I think it's time for the motherfucking takeover

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