Jack the Ripper - Burn Freestyle [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jack the Ripper
Album: Black History: The End Is Near
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Jack Tha Ripper]

Meek Milly flow though
That's the type of money I'm getting
But anyways follow me on twitter at mister 1-8-7
All lowercase letters(@mr187ripper)
I just realize I start going hard
Let's go!

[Verse 1: Jack Tha Ripper]
Solo on this track, I ain't got no problem murkin' it
Backstage I be going hard watch the curtains shift
Let it breathe! Let it burn!
Everything I got, I earned
Sick wit' it anytime of year this summer I'm spittin' germs
Catch me in that Texas Silverado or black on black Lucerne
Money is my main concern, see it when I dip and turn
Got the mic in a choke hold, yeah this grip is firm
Another lesson learned, I'm rappin' behind the podium
Sippin' on that oil think they call it petroleum, no jelly tho'
I coach them like Lou Pinella ho
Muthafuckas so nosey these days they be stickin' out like Pinocchio
I hop on the beat like Frodo, call me Lord Of The Rings
Money tall as Bill Russell, it be looking Celtic green
No sag up in my jeans, but I keep a crease
But back to cuffin' these hoes, I don't see no police
Take a rest, take a break
But no timeout for these fakes
Them bitches got the sweet tooth but they ain't touchin' my cake
Blue ribbon, I want first place
A home with a fire place
Human torch don't come my way
I'm flowing like the flood gates
Pop some adderall to let them know I got them bars
Where my focus go? When I lose it, I still go hard! Yeah!!!

(Yeah, I still go hard. Switch it up!)

[Verse 2: Jack Tha Ripper]
If you don't understand then you don't know what I'm talkin' bout
I run the game, you handicaps gotta walk it out
Low blows, swag school in session you can't clep
Pass me some water so I can go harder like Michael Phelps
I'm high in the sky like I always stay fly
These haters ground zero, I'm happy because they try
I got that Eagles eye seven on me like Vick
I ain't try to take your chick she just like number one draft picks
Damn I'm going pro, poetry, can't forget my prose
Can't forget the hoes I'm the dude that be getting chose the most
I'm looking pretty cool behind these Locs
I got that superstroke, now shawty got that supersoka
I keep them coming back for more, call me Brett
After the Saints did what they did, Christian Ponder next
I'm in the open field I don't think they see my vision
I'm in and out them guts I be cutting with precision
Whoever want some can get it no lie
But I don't cross the line
You gotta have a better compromise
Man I'm goonin', what's up to the hard heads
Dollar sign fitted cap, put a price on his head
I ain't talkin' pencil when I say I erase them with lead
I ain't talkin' deaf when I say I leave them dead
Open your ears, open your eyes, you lookin' at the truth
I'm preaching the gospel, open your bibles to Luke
Summer is now near know that the Kingdom of God is near
I got that thirty-four on me, ballin' like Paul Pierce
Demons all up in my heart, I ignore them no fear
Black History is the mixtape, yes the end is near...

(You through like really?)

[Verse 3: Jack Tha Ripper]
This pace I'm steady holdin' spittin' rhymes for promotion
And I keep it moving like every play runs in motion
Somebody take the picture just to make the moment last
Somebody repeat this track just to let the time pass
Kevin Hart, it's about to go down when I crash
Too many haters running on E, I fill them up with gas
Waste management, I take them out like trash
No I'm not a klutz but every beat I spaz, yeah!
Stick shift, nitro no I can't stop
Models pouring bottles then let they tops drop
We celebrating like the Spurs corks gotta Pop
Leave them in shock like Kobe hit the game winning shot!
They stay schemin' we stay dreamin', fuck they plots
They can't kick it wit' us yeah they probably kickin' rocks
They say I hit my head I say I hit the top
Where my crew at? I'm lookin' for a pit stop

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