Jake Elation - 47 Goonz (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jake Elation
Data wydania: 2014-11-23
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Jake Elation]

Ripping tracks like paper
Smoking on that vapor
Blunt like her body
The way it just slowly tapers

Burn slow like sexual intercourse
Am I in her, yes of course
When I enter I give her torque
She screaming 'gimme more'

Propel a bit forward
I'm killing in groups of fours
With bodies up on the floor
And one pinned up against the door

My soul hotter than the core
Of the Earth as we solely know it
Slowly oozing juices of an early poet
Hope you notice, don't lose focus

See detail in bigger pictures
20/20 vision is needed to be a leader
Not many people I fear
Disappointed if you appear
Don't get it, let's make it clear
I surpassed, so you're not a peer

Brief second, I let it breathe

Come back, and I wreck em, siege
Wreck the record so you see
Some sort of interest in me

Another second, let's let it breathe

Fire like Komodo
Bring it to the dojo
Pharo shit, oh no
Trifecta was the old code

Fuck this progress I made
Not the same from back in the day
Something changed up, my ways sucked
This is where I came from

Violence, harassment
Emotions split up in fractions
People hated how I acted
More past up inside a casket

Won't unveil it up on this track
If you wanna know, get in tact
Put your man up and on the map
And show 'em where the great is at

All I got is a Sound Cloud link
Kinda shit you smoke your loud and out loud think
Like how I blink
Should I say this around my shrink?
Only enter sugar walls bright life pink

I might just be
A mix between
Your favorite rapper
And, worst Em-Cee

Either way you try to shake it
Your negative comment's taken
I probably said the same shit
But in different arrangement

I'm my own biggest critic
I see myself and my image
A white boy from a suburban town, just trying to get it
When I make it, I'll post a tutorial on how I did it

Maybe you can get it too
Hop up on my pedistool
I think you'll need some medical

The second that I let a fool
Take my spotlight and my food's
The day I hang up from a neuce

Evaluate your inner view
I'm nice in different intervals
Realism not that fictional
Break you down like medicinal

Shit is so damn critical
Time to end this interlude

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