Jay Caliber - Unorthadox [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jay Caliber
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DJ Premier

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Tekst piosenki


Yo wasup my nigga this is Jay Caliber
Spitting lyrical untouchable substantial fucking matter
Verbally slaying lives with an excalibur
Im an unbeatable king, call me Arthur
Who's next, to grab the mic so he can snap your fucking neck
Your flows are not, accurate, like the Aztecs
I suggest quit, practice, and make progress
But for now invest in 50, bullet proof vests
Im loading the chamber, with pure lyricism
Strapping C4's to your body call it terrorism
Blown up, by humanism and some moralism
Not a devilish act, fuck satanism
Never selling my soul, to reach a simple goal
I know, i can get around every obstacle
Didn't you know, this brotha has the coldest flow
Only 16 imagine when im older though
Flows overdosing, im killing everything
Im the offspring, of all the legend MC's
Listen closely, im slaying rappers grossly
Im at my highest degree, your still undersea
Lyrics giving low blows out of this world
Your speaking regular words, I'm speaking metaphors
I'd never overexpose these skills that i hold
I'd rather enclose my self and hope nobody knows
No cockyness, pure fucking confidence
I know I'm onto something, something so immense
Living the right way, call it commonsense
I been rapping since Bin Laden's dispense
Finally out there, but people don't care
People unaware, of the talent thats there
People more aware of talentless millionaires
I would like to declare a rapping warfare
Dropping more bars than a fucking state prison
Imprisoned in my own mind, so I'm not living
Trinna get my thoughts together so I'm always grieving
Never believing in the negative only achieving
Wide open mind, with pure optimism
Show your true colors like a light through a prism
Be who you truly are or you'll witness criticism
Pay close attention and decode my lyricism
Because my verses contain, subliminal...
Messages, that your brain, wouldn't be able to hold
Unless you want to slowly gain pain in the fucking skull
Follow the rules, like an imprisoned criminal
I've been convicted once or twice for beating the beat
Feeling no sympathy, no mercy, not even grief
The beats bleeding out, quickly losing heartbeats
Put the beat in the casket, bury it 6 feet deep
No resurrection, this is the disinfection
Of talentless infections trinna be a damn reflection
Of legendary MC's at their perfection
This is my interjection towards other niggas predilection
Don't you get it? I hate the fucking industry flow
They don't know how to rap these niggas borrow flows
They recycle and reuse so they never grow
Keeping the world green, wait... No, their smoking it all
Now your mad cause I'm honest fuck what you think
Im just being me, while killing the fucking beats
Must be the reason why hating ass niggas love me
Call it jealousy or envy its the same thing
Don't forget I'm just typical, individual
But when it comes to rapping im just too fucking lyrical
A bit satirical, well who cares cause i kill it all
You don't like me? Well careful thats a mouthful

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