Jaye Life - Alone [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jaye Life
Data wydania: 2015-05-18
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: KING ZEU$

Tekst piosenki

[Chorus: Jaye Life]
I'm killing these niggas when I'm in my zone
Talking that shit, like leave me alone
Yeah nigga I'm lifted, we smokin them bones
Talking that shit, just leave me alone
Just leave me alone (x4)

[Verse 1: Jaye Life]
Black magic, no Houdini
Get what I want like I had a genie
Head Hancho, yeah, I'm the chief
Me & my team we playin' for keeps
This won't be the last time I kill another beat
Like a microwave, cause I'm bringing on the heat
Niggas going straight dumb just for smoking on the keef
Just to forget about all the murders by police
Say the good die young so I'm going straight dumb
Take it to the head till a nigga go numb
I be balling out, yea I'm just having fun
Shoot for the stars then I shine like the sun
Yeah where I'm from we get high every night
You wouldn't understand cause it's just the way of life
And I gotta drink it up just to fall asleep at night
I gotta drink it up just to fall asleep at night


[Verse 2: Snaz]
I'm ready to spill which means I'm mentally ill
Conversations with the Devil when he sent me to kill
Yeah, I'm a mercenary
And I don't give a fuck like the Virgin Mary
You really couldn't hurt me fairly
Even trying will get yourself in the dirt & buried
You gonna learn it hurts to barely/ work
I'm daring/ anybody persevering
In this hell that we live in, on the speed track winning
I'm selling crack inna back of the rehab clinic
And smoking weed with Michael Phelps, homie, lie to yourself
By acting like you isn't panicking & crying for help
And in the midst of all this panick and everyone running frantic and
I'm turning Birdman into Christopher fuckin Anderson
Wish for a fuckin ambulance, nobody gonna save you
Already too much damages & you ain't gonna make it through

[Bridge: Jaye Life]
Jer$ey fuckin Rebel when I'm killing shit you know wassup
Throwing bucks, drop the mic & fuck you up like loaded lux
Don't give a fuck, robbing ya home
Shoot you, the light's going off in ya dome
I'm cooking these niggas & grilling these niggas
Straight killing these niggas when I'm in my zone


[Verse 3: Jaye Life & Snaz]

[Jaye Life]
Shout out to the cali
They supply my bali
Shoutout to the Newark
They supply my whores
I clean 'em like a chore
I swear I just get bored
You don't know the half
Divide by 2 like you doing the math

2-step to the front now you move to the back
Leaping ahead & leave you in my tracks
Running the game with my hunger for fame
Stay the fuck out my way like I'm running the train
You a bitch, you a fag, you a lame, you a ho
I'm a killer, Ima act when I say ima go
Beat you to the head again, alphabetical lettering
I'm doing what I can to go & try to bring the cheddar in

[Jaye Life]
I'm on some ill shit
I'm on some trill shit
Fuck how you feel bitch
Haters make me twitch
I don't hang with a snitch
About to go dumb
I just do this shit for fun
Going after zero, yeah I'm the one

Dipping through the city in a red bronco
Vinny Simonetti with The Head Hancho
Jer$ey Rebel repping & I'm teaching you a lesson
& leaving you wrapped up in a wet poncho
Plus we repping colors like red, blanco
Snaz got 'em asking like 'como te llamo?'
Remember my name cause I'm so so psychoto
I'm taking the game if you don't know now y'all know

[Jaye Life]
Ah! Ah! Motherfucker Ah!
Having dreams that they wanna see a nigga die
Oh, 'I can't breathe'
Look at the shit that I'm tryna achieve

Roll it up & then chief! I'm making you panic
Tryna touch base but you missing the canvas
Wearing you in pain, causing physical damage
I'm married to the game like I'm Tiffney Cambridge
I'm gone


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