Jazz Robinson - The Soul [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jazz Robinson
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Pardon my rudeness but I had to intrude
The game just ain't what I'm used to
These new school fruit rappers
That took after semi new rappers
Who fucked around and found they was fruitful
All on dicks, they're the Fruit of the Loom type
Wanna be dollar signs they're more of the Loon type
Child of the Ghetto, Jeff said lets get it
I been holding in this murder for a minute nigga
The shit ya'll spittin' is fictitious
Pun raps, they really ain't gettin' the Big picture
Young nigga got a special delivery
Jazz is up next, OS making history
I need a sermon I'm 'bout to react nigga
When fist fights was tougher than grabbing a gat nigga
Back when the Broad Street Bully would smack niggas
They saying that I should put more life in my raps nigga
I can't
Cause I'm too busy worried 'bout rap niggas
That couldn't spit crack if I happened to bag with 'em
Chemically broke it down and sat in the lab with 'em
Nah nigga, I'm just tryna be the greatest
At least be the favorite of ya favorite
Uh, now check it
I been appraised
We can go and put the pens away
I'll slay Hemingway and Shakespeare any day
Ya'll been led astray by dudes that never paid
Any attention to something other than Kanye
Born outta 808s & Heartbreaks
Me, I came from that broken glass in the hallway
NY was like my 2nd State of Mind homie
Below the Heavens, it's written I am divine homie
I shine in Alaskan winters
I blast and enter the rap game
Off of the wing and blow right past defenders
Smash beginners
And finish just as quick as I came in
But I feel caved in
I do it for them kids that caged in
Trap music
At times I tip my hat to it
But I feel like we gotta get past that music
They say the music is reflective of the times
So I'm guessing that we're trapped in our mind
Where the soul at
I swear to God some of ya'll don't know
Just how long this been on my soul
For so long
We prolonged these false alarm niggas that harmed the culture
They're Bonds and Sosa
But this ain't over
I'mma go to war with my soldiers
'Til we change the landscape like we're molding a sculpture
They built up trash
So we wreck it with boulders
It's Overstand taking it over mufucka
My whole team hold more power than ten spokes
And we bout to blow like white kids in trenchcoats
They got the kids thinking it's cool to sell coke
I (w)rap dope with intentions to sell hope
The picture gets sicker the quicker the pen strokes
They riding up the block and the tint descend slow
With arms out the window, a couple of shells blow
6 died
But none was the one that they went fo'
Ya know
That's just how it goes in my city
They just let it go in my city
Young niggas ain't getting old in my city
As soon as you hit the door, they lettin' the thing blow in my city
I swear to God most of ya'll don't know
Just how long this been on my soul
I just peeped it
They saying that you'll never a be shit
So go out and be shit
Then tell 'em to eat shit
They saying I'm a little egregious
But I'm tryna bring rap back
Nigga fuck how creased my sneaks is
And all that other shit ya'll talkin' about
Like Twitter accounts
Or Nigga's dollar amounts
I'm worried 'bout all the shit they silent about
Like why every chick with a phone considered modeling now
I swear to God all of ya'll don't know
Just how long this been on my soul

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